I was shocked today, SHOCKED, to learn that Kelsey Grammer, star of Frasier and Hank, has barely 10,000 followers on Twitter. We can do better, America. Let’s get him to 1,000,000 followers! #millionhanksstrong

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  1. I guess not many people know his name?

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    He may be Hank Pryor to you, but he’ll always be Hank McCoy to me!

  3. Of course I’ll follow you Robert Underdunk Terwilliger

  4. Every tweet from Kelsey is like a Hug*E*Grammer!

  5. Kelsey Grammer is a man’s man. someone who owns his mistakes and missteps in life and can admit his shortcomings, unlike certain other celebrities we’ve discussed recently. Plus he is to Hank McCoy what Sean Connery was to Bond.

  6. i am really confused as to why he has so few followers. i mean, look at this great content he provides us (and at the low, low price of free.99!):

    Have a great day, everybody. I am heading into town.

  7. Do you think him and Kirstie Alley @reply each other all day? I bet he was all @kirstiealley (I don’t know her real handle) that @joybehar (ditto) should be banned from the bar! LOL kels out.

  8. Ha, I remember I used to have a crush on him before.

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