SPOILER ALERT: you’re 12. Watch it here.

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  1. so this is why MySpace exists.

  2. Um, they kind of Pig in the City‘d it. :(

    • I’M ASSUMING you mean THAT THEY took a wonderful TURN TOWARDS A dark RUBE GOLDBERG ass like fairy world THAT IS SIMULTANEOUSLY charming and FRIGHTENING? And is also A GREAT fucking MOVIE?

  3. Ken is our boyfriend

  4. So is Andy 18 now? because guh-rowl! (puh-uke)

  5. Good thing that college freshmen who still play with dolls are sooooooo coooooool, otherwise I’d be really worried about Andy.

  6. My favorite part was when Woody said “Sorry, the video you’re trying to access is not available in your country”.

  7. For all you Canadians, here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNMpa5yBf5o

  8. Heheh, “Woody never gives up on you…” What the devil is he talking about?

  9. Hey! That Triceratops in the trailer was totally voiced by Kristen Schaal (Mel from Flight of the Conchords.) So exciting!

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