Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the superman and spider-man kids from the Best Camera Test of All Time had an on-air dance-off. But first, a shout-out.

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  1. Hah, that’s great!


  2. I love the way kids are totally unphased by show business, or live television, or large audiences. They act the same way in front of the entire nation as they would in their living room. It’s adorable.

  3. I was watching live and I did a (competitive) spit take when he casually said “some video I saw on videogum this week”

    • Yeah, congrats, Gabe (and secret team of editors and web folks). It’s not every day that our websites’ names are casually tossed off during late night television broadcasts! Kahdooz.

  4. Hey Gabe, since you an Jimmy Fallon are friends now, can you get me his number?

    What? I’m not too good for Jimmy Fallon.

  5. I predict an audience participation game on Jimmy Fallon called Let’s make stuff up: Snooki visits the Sopranos

  6. Congratulations Gabe! And to tipster Alex for finding the video.

  7. Does it count if he’s giving a shout out to Videogum on a show being watched by less people than read Videogum?

  8. Gabe, does this make you and Jimmy superfriends?

  9. Between the Jimmy Fallon and the NYT, you, sir, are legitimate.

  10. First Ted Leo, now Jimmy Fallon. Any other celebs want to come out of the Gum closet?

  11. Oh man, I REALLY hope Jay Leno reads Videogum.

  12. It was a Videogum kind of night for TV last night. I was flipping around the channels and I saw our good friend Julie Klausner sitting in on The Joy Behar Show. Looking good Julie!


    • Those are my sons! Latrell and Marquise! Thats a great idea bird… I was thinking the same thing…I just dont know where to start! Or how to go about making sure my sons are shown in the correct way/light.

      • you should just make a series of videos. things the kids like to do that you think are hilarious. doesn’t need to have real format or be a “show”. just a yotuube channel that people would subscribe to because it’s entertaining.

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