Hey, if you live in New York City, why not go see Videogum’s own Joe Mande and Saturday Night Live‘s Hannibal Buress perform stand up comedy? They are both American Treasures. Do you think you are too good for American Treasures? Because you are not. Tickets here.

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  1. I wonder how much they paid you for this advertorial plug

  2. Gabe, if anyone dies in the Snowpocalypse tonight tring to get to this show, it’s on you.

  3. Did I miss the post promoting Max and Aziz? Maybe it would’ve seemed a bit too much like self-promotion, but I actually thought it was odd that Videogum never gave a nod to Max opening for Aziz until after the show was over.

  4. If Videogum made a post every time one of Gabe’s comedy friends did a show in NYC, they would need a section called The Apiary.

    you see what I did there?

    that being said – Hannibal is hilarious. really funny guy. glad he’s starting to get some recognition.

  5. Hey guys. If you haven’t seen these short Youtubes promoting Joe and Hannibal’s show, you’re missing out! The one with the dog is the best:

  6. It’s an insult to Videogum Everywhere that these things only happen in NYC. I’m deathly afraid of trains.

  7. Just got back from the show. Joe absolutely KILLED it. So good. Hannibal was also really great, and both openers were very funny as well. Significant laffs all around.

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