And people said that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse wouldn’t tie up all the loose ends! WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE I HATE MYSELF!

Seriously, though, Lost is going to be bonkers tonight no duh. (Via

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  1. I’d hit it.

  2. This is from a video smuggled out of the fabled K-fed Hatch.

  3. With a skeleton-filled VW bus, doy.

  4. sometimes you get bad luck because you played the wrong numbers in the lottery. sometimes you make it yourself.

  5. Obviously to promote Mr. Cluck’s new Jamaican Rub variety.

  6. That fat 15 year old white girl will definitely regret getting her hair braided into corn rows when she gets back from her totally awesome spring break trip in Mexico.

  7. they really do look like tiny rows of corn…

  8. Following Church’s Chicken, Mr. Cluck’s attempts to reach a more urban market.

  9. This video needs more hog sound effects and sleeve tats.


  11. lets take a look at the checklist
    -. makes no sense? check
    -. makes me wonder what the people involved in it were taking? check
    -. awesome? doublecheck

    yep, i’m pretty sure this is a Lost clip

  12. Rob McElhenney, “Mac” from Always Sunny guest stars in tonights Lost!

  13. Come on, lets see some designz!

  14. Da Brat is pretty popular still.

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