Rich FourFour has done it again. This is why I hate mirrors!

I’m not joking about the hating mirrors thing, by the way. Like, I know that I am an adult and Dove Soap’s target customer, who hates women as much as he loves cars, but, like, OK, um, REAL TALK, at night, if I have to go to the bathroom, I will open the medicine cabinet so that the mirror faces away from me before turning the light on so that I eliminate even the possibility of seeing a monster standing behind me in the reflection. Because, sure, duh, I know that monsters aren’t real and that murders actually find that sneaking around and surprising people is inefficient and slows down the enjoyable murdering process, but just in case there is ONE monster, or ONE prank-loving murderer, I just don’t need that in my life right now.

Also this is pretty great.

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  1. Real Talk is my favourite Videogum segment.

  2. This tried and true movie cliche will never work once we all get hover medicine cabinets that have no doors, but instead create toiletries like the star ship Enterprise… It will be a sad day for futuremonsters on futuregum…

  3. Movies like these are the reason I don’t use a shower curtain, just the clear PVC liner. If there’s a murderer lurking in my house, he will not be in my shower unnoticed, damn it.

  4. I think some people were just rape raped

  5. Look, guys, I am in my office, listening to Rolling Stones, with beautiful sunshine streaming through the windows, and I still couldn’t finish the video. Me! A grown man!

  6. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 8th, 2010 +2

    man, no love for poltergeist 3, eh?

  7. They forgot this one:

  8. I know what you mean, Gabe. For about five years I couldn’t look in the mirror while brushing my teeth. If I’m going to be killed, I’d rather just die than see a scary monster/murderer behind me first. I also refuse to look in my rear view mirror at night when I’m alone in the car in case there’s a murderer lurking in my back seat. Just kill me, murderer! I don’t want to be pranked first!

    • I, too, prefer to be surprised by just being murdered, instead of being scared first and then murdered. That just seems unnecessarily cruel.

  9. ahaha i laughed out loud at your mirror story. It’s like how when I’m at home and I have to pee in the middle of the night I have to pull back the shower curtain and make sure no monsters or Sixth Sense variety crazies are hiding behind there waiting to jump out and kill me as soon as i pull my pants down. [/oversharing]

    • I have had to check the tub at night ever since I saw The Shining when I was a kid.

    • I always just check the toilet to make sure there’s not a giant sewer worm that’s going to jump out of the pipes and into my butt. I’ve never even seen that in a movie, it’s just a really scary thought! I hate having to sit to pee.

    • I never realized so many other “adults” were still scaredy cats like myself! Nice to know that my irrational fears (that now seem more rational after this video) are shared with others! Although, I have a feeling that each new personal fear that you guys are confessing will inevitably be added to my own! Now I have giant butt-invading sewer worms to worry about too!

  10. I can’t look in mirrors at night either. Seriously. They terrify me. I avert my eyes during night pees. Some jerk said mirrors are ghost portals to me once, and then all those movies, and hello phobia!

    • OK, but actually ghosts like to look out at you through the eyes of framed photos of your family members, so don’t worry about mirrors.

  11. I just ask mine straight up. “Mirror, mirror on the wall….you tripping?”

  12. I agree with everyone, Mirrors in the dark are the worst. Even worse than when the basement light switch is at the bottom of the stairs, and you have to turn off the light behind you. I know there’s nothing down there, but I will Scamper to safety or Die!

    • What is the point of putting the basement light at the bottom of the step?! I never understood that, they just do it to torture us.

  13. Looks like Nicolas Cage has an opponent for Face-Acting Oscar*

  14. Looks like Nicolas Cage has an opponent for Face-Acting Oscar*

  15. The only monster that would scare me in a mirror at night would be da cake eatur…

  16. I’ll just treat myself… to a little water on the face.

  17. I like this. I also like when mean people in movies look in the bathroom mirror, take a sip of water from a glass and then spit at their reflection because they really hate themselves!

  18. I have to admit, I was pretty freaked out at the one at 2:22.

    • I was horrified by that part, too! And then I read your comment and thought, “I wonder what one was at 2:22,” and went back to watch it and was scared again.

      • umm..your avatar is one of my favorite movies! maybe that’s what I’ll watch before bed so I don’t have nightmares about children stuffed into my medicine cabinet.

  19. About 20 years ago, I hung a card board cut out of Pinhead in my bathroom so he was in the mirror every time I opened the medicine cabinet. Beat the mirror gag.

  20. Paul F. Tompkins on Videogum = the greatest thing, ever? I vote yes!

  21. OK–has anyone seen the ad for that movie “The Crazies”? I feel like I should be pretty sure it is terrible but it looks REALLY CREEPY (creepier than mirrors in the dark, come on you guys)

    Am I cray for thinking it might actually be awesome…?

  22. Biggie Smalls… Biggie Smalls… Biggie Smalls

  23. Safe space confessional-gum.

  24. i LOVE rich. everything he posts over on fourfour i laugh at. every. thing.

  25. there’s a great scary mirror trick-out in the Ryan Reynolds remake of The Amityville Horror from a few years ago. it’s embarrassing to admit, but that movie scared the everloving crap out of me.

  26. There should be a fourfour tag!

    I am also terrified of mirrors. This video made me jump.

  27. Im always finding Peter Sarsgaard behind me when i close the medicine cabinet, usually muttering something about drooping faces. I dont mind it so much anymore, tends to keep John Lithgow out of my bath tub.

  28. No Evil Dead 2? Oh well. Great video, regardless.
    Love that Paul F. Tompkins bit too, of course. He’s my comedic hero!

  29. I only made it to :07 before I had to cover my eyes and blindly, yet frantically, try to hit pause. tooscarygum.

  30. Yeah, I made the mistake of waiting til right before bed to read this post! It was bad enough that I already check behind the shower curtain (and in closets–I’m not paranoid, I’m just a girl who lives alone in the city..ok,so I may be a little paranoid) for killerz and rape-rapists … now I am scared of my mirror! Thanks a lot nightmaregum!

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