For people living in New York City, the empty threat of this weekend’s Snowpocalypse was a disappointment. But the AccuWeather forecaster got riled up enough for all of us. Weathermen are the furniture ads of news.

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  1. I was so excited for the snowpocalypse.I had my boots and mittens all ready by the door and NOTHING! Curse you, weathermen for getting my hopes up!

  2. I read the dictionary too! TWINS

  3. We are all going to die. Last Saturday.

  4. Looks like Cobra snagged that weather dominator after all. “Yo Joe”, my ass

  5. Oh Boy. Keep fucking that chicken

  6. i loved spending my saturday shoveling. loveling? shovelove?

  7. Where will we get our National Bohemian and our STD’s!? Damn you Snowpac!

  8. I love the smell of hot chocolate in the morning after a snowstorm

  9. I was disappointed too, but FreshDirect sent me an email today warning that they were canceling deliveries this upcoming Wednesday due to ‘severe weather conditions,’ so it seems possible that we could get a few inches this week. And yes, my primary source of weather information is my grocery delivery service.

  10. Can someone get me a .jpg of the “Deathstorm 1996″ from the Simpsons?

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