Nick Offerman, who you might know as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, has a side business as a wood craftsman? So, just to clarify, Nick Offerman is officially the best.

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  1. Oh Captain, My Captain

  2. Amazing work, I love the fact he uses dowels instead of Hammering Nails in everywhere

  3. I am still trying to wrap my mind around what another monster pointed out last week: Nick Offerman was in Deadwood and his character at one point runs into a room shaking his ween. I have seen Ron’s Swanson.

  4. Also, this exists now:

  5. He made all of these pieces when he was drunk. Just to prove he was sober enough to drive.

  6. In one of the construction photos, we see Nick Offerman wearing a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds shirt. We get it, you’re the best, you can stop proving it in so many unique and convincing ways. Such a man.

  7. I want to live in Ron Swanson’s mustache.

  8. In our dreams, OWS is fully endorsed by Mr. T.

  9. This might as well be a gif of me.

  10. ………. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there is a Duke Silver Trio website. Duke SIlver Trio Find The Watermelons!

  11. I was “Instantly Watching” the film “Groove” on Netflix(tm) the other day, which I HIGHLY recommend if you ever need to remember the mid ’90s (despite it coming out in 2000…weird) and who should turn up amidst the cast of unknowns but Ron Swanson (credited as Nick Offerman…quit fronting, Ron!) playing a cop. Mustache and all.

  12. I love how the very first item you see when you click the furniture link is a big chunk of wood entitled “Occasional Table.” That’s so awesome. I know it’s an actual thing, but it’s also really funny to me.

  13. I wanted to contribute to the Swanson Celebration with his Will and Grace cameo as “Plumber with Smoldering Sex Appeal”, but instead, I found this. You’re welcome. But also, I’m sorry.

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