Well, America, it all comes down to this. Who will walk off the field victorious? Will it be some stupid CGI e-Trade baby, or, like, a pair of tits with Go Daddy written on them in ketchup or something? I’m talking, of course, about the Annual Super Contest in which the nation’s most important advertisements compete in a head-to-head competition to see who can be the most casually irreverent while not losing sight of the branding image. Personally, I will be flipping back and forth between this year’s advertisements and Puppy Bowl VI, so that I can root for my boy, Bear. Go Bear!

Anyhow, if you are watching the Advertising Bowl, because America #1, feel free to keep a running commentary on your favorite corporate messages in the comments. That is what tonight is all about.

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  1. The NFL’s football commercial with the Colts and the Saints is great, but it is going on way too long!

  2. Is there a chat we can jump into???

  3. I’m stockpiling pillows so that I can throw them at the TV as soon as I see Tebow.

  4. So much tackling in these commercials.

  5. What – the – fuck – was that Tebow commercial about? He tackled his mom for fuck’s sake! Is this a pro-abortion ad in disguise?

  6. I just hate that Canada doesn’t even try. We don’t get your ads. We don’t even get GOOD ads. We get like, cars driving around hill sides.

    • The first ad we got was for the falafel place on my corner. I thought it spoke volumes about Canada as a whole.

    • I was in my dorm lounge and I found the game on CTV in HD and I was like “yeah!” and they were like “watch the ‘Lympics on CTV” Boring! So I found CBS in HD and ended up watching ‘Undercover Boss.’

  7. Is the Tim Tebow ad online yet? Please get on that one, internet. The TV is upstairs and I am glued to my chair by exhaustion.

  8. Advertising a movie with Cate Blanchett during the Super Bowl is like trying to sell vibrators at an Irish Pub.

  9. A rare miss, CSI head slapping commercials. A rare miss.

  10. How do they move those blue and yellow lines on the field so fast between downs??

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      • I’m not sure why you’ve gotten do vigorously downvoted in this thread, EL. Heaven knows that if failed, flat jokes were reason enough to get downvoted my average comment would be like -8. But please stick around and keep trying! Comment less, using your stronger stuff, maybe? That’ll help. But please stick around!

  11. Autotune jokes! In 2010! Bud Light, I am glad you are on top of this very new cutting-edge trend that no one has ever mocked before

    • Bud Light just made me realize- wouldn’t it be hilarious if someone autotuned things that shouldn’t be auto-tuned? Like babies crying? Or the news?

  12. It is *all* about Jersey Boy at the Puppy Bowl this year.

  13. Ah, Super Bowl ads. I keep getting older and they keep staying just as retarded.

  14. Apparently the Super bowl has declared pants over.

  15. Whoops! two commercials in a row with nudity illustrates how cheap a laugh that is!

  16. Wow, they totally just spoiled the ending of Lost.

  17. Laugh out loud! People who love football are totally going to love the Big Bang Theory! Great use of advertising money, CBS!

  18. Was that Michael C Hall’s voice in the Charger commercial?

  19. CSI: MIAMI IN SPACE, GUYS!!!!! This is what we’ve been waiting for!!

  20. CSI: Miami in Space? I swear to God I have made this joke before. “Houston, *sunglasses on* we have a murder.”


  22. “CSI, gear up! Looks like it’s showtime *sunglasses on* at the Apollo 13.”

    There’s no YEAAAAAAAAAAAH because there’s no sound in space.

    • I like your spunk, electro lemon. Don’t let the haters win! The Videogum clique is very hard on newcomers. I don’t know why, some kind of hazing ritual I guess, though some of us don’t really get initiated as much as just turn into that sketchy dude that keeps hanging around the frat house anyway (“making awkward, gender-confused metaphors” is the end of that sentence)

  23. I find the reaction of the coaches are more entertaining than the game. Mainly because I don’t understand Football, at all.

  24. I’m so happy to see that Super Bowl advertisers are keeping the long, sacred tradition of making sexist commercials.

  25. Yes, yes, Super Bowl. we get it. Women are horrible slave drivers who keep their man’s balls in their purses. Millions of dollars, well spent.

  26. Last year, I was asked how to waste millions on a Super Bowl ad. I said “mix a Who song with Will.i.am.”

    Why does no one heed my warnings?

  27. Why is my grandfather playing a cover of the CSI theme song on tv?

  28. Is that Roger Daltrey or a really tall Chia pet on stage with crazy ol’ Grandpa Townshend?

  29. Could The Who be any more old and tired? Poor guys, they look like they could use a nap.

  30. The Superbowl’s sportscaster’s ties hurt my eyes.

  31. every time i hear grizzly bear’s “two weeks”, im thinking “i really want to play punch buggy”

  32. Letterman mocking Jay Leno on the couch with Oprah has been my favorite spot so far. “Worst Super Bowl party ever”. Next to this one of course. Thanks a bunch, electro lemon.

  33. So David After Dentist got a superbowl ad???!

  34. By the way, I’m pretty bummed to just now find out there’s a videogum open thread… I’ve been venting all my snark to twitter! :( I didn’t realize we monsters all watch the sportsketballs… Did I miss the twitter announcement or was there one?

  35. “HELL AWAITS.”
    Brought to you by Tim Tebow and Focus On The Family


  37. “Puppies are nature’s footballs.” -Animal Planet’s headstone

  38. Charles Barkley is our generations’ Dr. Seuss.

  39. Looks like my hopes for Savannah winning the Puppy Bowl have been sorely crushed.

  40. WHO IS THAT? I love teams!

  41. “Hey New Orleans, we’re cool with the whole Katrina thing now, right?” – America

  42. I need to take undercover lessons from the Undercover Boss, his disguise is better than Superman’s!* (Also, the camera crew is invisible?)

  43. Undercover Boss open thread??
    Next Week: CEO of HOOTERS goes undercover and is SHOCKED to find that women find it a degrading sleezbag place to work! SHOCKING!!!!

    Undercover Boss will be full of so many revelations!

  44. Was anyone else seriously disturbed by Budweiser’s bridge-of-people? It seems like mass torture. They crossed a line with me but then again my lines move around after a play – but only sometimes. #Iwillneverunderstandtherulestofootball

    • The best part was the “please drink responsibly” tag after seeing an entire town so addicted to alcohol they’d do literally anything to get it.

    • Yeah, that ad reminded my of Hotel Rwanda. If you saw that movie, which is basically Schindler’s List + Friday the 13th Parts I-XII, you know what I mean. Ugh.
      To my credit, I was drinking fancy imports (Stellllaaaaaaaaaaa Artois!).

  45. They should change the name of the Super Bowl to the Budweiser-and-Doritos Bowl because I swear 75% of the ads were for those two gawddamn products. The saddest part, however, was that as I realized this I was sitting with my friends, drinking Bud Light and eating Doritos. Sigh…

  46. Louisiana will now offer the Super Bowl trophy to the hurricane god, Hurlorr, to appease him.

  47. wow. i am tardy to this party that i’m sad i’ve missed (i guess) but also who gives a super what now?
    The ONLY time I watched the commercials for the Superwhat DURING the Superhuh was when I was in High School and wanted to keep up on the cool. I had my brother call me on a Land-line Telephone (!)and I would run home from using the dial-up internets(!) at my dad’s office. I didn’t miss one…and that was the year of either the Budwieser Frogs or the Budwieser Lizards (also maybe a new computer generated M&M? I remember I was there when they unveiled Green)…
    anyway, the years all blur together and the moral of this old man’s tale is I STILL DON’T CARE watching trillon dollar interuptions of a sport I barely understand has yet to enrich my life.
    that said: Yay! Betty White! I can’t believe they made her run! Don’t they know she’s a national treasure? And I thought Oprah could act…and also, SImpsons selling coke? It was cute but I couldn’t help but think no one was talking because no one wanted to have to pay voice actors. (Pamela Hayden works for pennies a word! dull, dirty pennies)

    • and also “I said, ‘Hah.’” is my favorite.

    • I noticed that too! It’s like, what the hell!? Butterfinger found the cash somehow to use most of the cast, why can’t Coke use some of the money they save by using slave labor to bring in Harry Shearer for 15 minutes of work?

      Also, what the hell is the commercial trying to tell us? That we should all be loving and forgiving to billionaires that lose their money? Why is Mr. Burns a hero somehow? Did becoming poor make up for his years and years of being a dick?

      • maybe that’s the lesson from these ads? feel bad for rich people? like david and leno and oprah.. i mean, that was a really crappy party. And poor Tracy Morgan! He got punched. Good thing he’s funny (and rich). And poor “The SImpsons!” spending all that money on a super bowl ad and yet they can’t even afford their own voice actors! what a world…?

  48. Congratulations, Jake! I guess my furious refreshing to vote for Blaze was for naught. But I must admit, pug/chihuahua mixes are crazy adorable.

  49. You know Leno’s in a desperate place when he’s doing promos for The Late Show.

  50. the commercial for the new season of survivor was the funniest. the others didnt have a chance.

  51. A routine malaise…

  52. Being from Indianapolis it was mandatory I watch…I so should have lurking here instead.

  53. Being from Indianapolis it was mandatory I watch…I so should have been lurking here instead.

  54. I was a little concerned that almost an entire Super Bowl had passed without a commercial featuring a man getting hit in the nuts, but then Volkswagen swooped in on the wings of a gonad-punching angel and saved the day.

  55. Well now I understand why that Manhunt ad was banned – not enough misogyny.

  56. Yeah. Eat a fucking snickers in the middle of a football game.

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