Entertainment Weekly provided some new images from the CW’s update on 90210 premiering this fall. Some = two. Whenever you hear someone use the word “some” they mean two. I’ve posted them after the jump. Be the first cool kid on your awesome block to see what all the tweens are twitterblogging about. Hannah Montana. It’s gonna’ be super funky and dope. Don’t be a bogus turkey, jiggy with it.

What is that?

I don’t know. It’s cool.

Yeah. I wonder what it could be, though.

Yeah, what is that thing?

Children, stop staring at the sun.

I get your joke. I mean, I think I get it. I don’t know. It’s kind of hard. You used a lot of big words in it, like “knock,” and “guess.” Can you say it again? Say your joke again, I think I’ll get it if you just say it again. Bro.

Sometimes I eat make-up instead of putting it on my face. You’re silly.

You know, it’s sad that this sun poisoned show is probably going to be a huge success while we’re going to have to wait until late winter to see begrudging new episodes of Friday Night Lights. Apparently to make that show more relatable to viewers, they should have made Dillon a fictional town in California instead of Texas, and given all the football players head injuries and shopping addictions.

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  1. oh my fuck is that michael from the wire??

  2. what the hell is the chick from FULL HOUSE doing there?

  3. That girl in the second picture looks like a 45-year-old hooker. She needs to chill with the fake ringlets.

  4. Sloth38  |   Posted on Jul 25th, 2008 0

    I’m pretty sure Hollywood needs to buy its scripts from you, Gabe.

  5. i’ll probably watch this show. I just know the role of the sun is going to HEAT things up and cause some controversy.

  6. Can I ask the tough question?


  7. looks like the new cast photo of Project Runway. Looks like the guy next to knockoff Lohan has a measuring tape around his neck.

    • betty  |   Posted on Jul 27th, 2008 0

      SPOILER ALERT: tape measurement guy is actually addicted to erotic asphyxiation a la INXS; everyone is shocked.

  8. Notice the lights seem to be emanating from the old woman crotches.

  9. could that guy be any more ‘tokin’???

  10. sophie  |   Posted on Nov 22nd, 2008 0


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