Last chance, guys. You can still turn this thing around!

Sorry about that. We all wish that we could go back to a time before we’d ripped our eyes out of their sockets and covered every square inch of our lives in blood-speckled vomit. Well, almost all of us. Karl Rove called David Hyde Pierce this morning to THANK him. (Via Gynomite.)

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  1. Whoops, that’s my grandpa. (The joke is that he is kind of old and that I am young.)

    • Damn you…

    • This reminds me that there are so many wonderful wordplay jokes out there, waiting in the void for the circumstance that will create them. It’s a little like all those unborn babies God is currently taking care of, just waiting to be birthed.
      tl;dr – Upvote, my friend. Upvote.

  2. Is this real life?

  3. Die Antwoord has really traveled a wide arc this week.

  4. Is he getting the homeless look confused with something that’s not the homeless look? I’m not sure if in the video it explains it, I mean, I stopped watching about a minute into it.

  5. No, David Hyde Pierce. No.

  6. “well, this is nothing like what he does on how i met your mother!”

  7. Now Gabe, I want you to apologize to me for showing me this… I’ll be here waiting…

  8. If you think that is weird, wait until Robert Redford’s shot for shot remake of LMFAO’s “Shots” hits the internet next week.

  9. SAD FACE.

  10. Oh. Oh God. Niles, no! Quit it!

  11. Also, I think it’s appropriate to link this:

  12. it’s totally silent. like no one knows what to do. until 1:30 when someone must have bilt an “applause” sign.

  13. This is terrible. And yet, if this were on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, I’d probably love it.

  14. Desperate rhymes call for desperate measures.

  15. Way to drive home the “rethink” marketing tagline.

  16. Not bad. Just kidding – awful. Maybe it will result in less black eye peas somehow though?

  17. “People will love this because it’s 1999 and both the comedy of Fraiser and clever song parodies of Weird Al are huge right now; best of both worlds!”
    -The Former Sundance Planning Committee

  18. Also, this makes the real black eye peas look like NWA

  19. I don’t think I could’ve imagined this being as bad as it is. I obviously don’t have a very active imagination.

  20. It hurts in that cringey place where dignity dies.

  21. Where, oh, where would American’s comedy writers be without the good ol’ “nerdy middle-aged white guy rapping” gag/crutch to fall back on? It’s the “slipping on a banana peel” or “cream pie to the face” of the 21st century! TRVTH!

  22. I hear he’s going to form a rap group with John Malkovich and Alan Rickman called Afterschool .38 Special. And I’m preemtively downvoting this because I’m ashamed this thought entered my head.

  23. Still better than Black Eyed Peas.

  24. I blame Joaquin.

  25. I guess I’m not the only MC who can rhyme something with Joseph Gordon Levitt :(

  26. The thing is, if he had actually sung boom boom pow, it would have been the best thing ever. By, like, so much.

  27. DEE. COLON.

  28. i made it like 34 seconds. i couldn’t take anymore. i just..i ju…i couldn’t.

  29. Somewhere there is a horrible Pants on the Ground joke… I am just too “want to put all of this behind me” to think of it.

  30. Tossed salad and scrambled eggs, indeed.

  31. He needed to autotune that bitch.

  32. I’m a freakin Swedish American, and I feel whiter after watching this.

    Whatevs, he’s just a rappist, telling us one of his raps.

  33. Now, I don’t want to be a child, but it says “re re” behind him possibly on purpose.

  34. Wealthy, want-for-nothing celebrities get bags and bags of free stuff, but also have to sit through the comedy stylings of David Hyde Pierce: karma.

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