Adult Swim has compiled every Zach Galifianakis clip from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. What is weird is that this didn’t exist before, but I guess hindsight 20/20 (I’m sure I’m using that expression correctly).

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  1. You’re kidding! When? Haha. I’ll call you back. That’s weird but I’ll call you back… (Zach closes the phone.) His niece was murdered.

  2. Dear Canada,

    If you had not noticed we are in the middle of another glorious winter. SAD is in full swing and it looks like how you feel after reading a Cormack McCarthy novel outside. Your heavily throttled ISP took me to a page where a moment of respite was to be offered. However, it was not to be. Just like the magic of Hulu, obesity and houses not made out of snow; you deny your faithful citizens this veritable orgy of Zach Galifianakis clips. I am moving to South Africa. I hear they have a lot of opportunities to be the next eminem.

    -a former Canadian citizen

  3. Who’s excited for March 6th?! I’ve already set my VCR (2010!).

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