After the jump, I’ve posted two music videos from Afrikaner hip hop trio Die Antwoord. To give you a sense of what you are about to see, it’s basically like if the aliens from District 9 learned how to make “next level beats,” took on human form, started a band, and then moved to Xenia, Ohio, to open up a Gummo/Dubstep Museum. What I’m saying is that what you are about to see is very special!

They also have quite a homepage.

So would someone please give these guys whatever they want? Sky is the limit. Do they want a record deal? They should have one! Do these guys want their own television network? Yes, sure, how about TWO television networks! Do they need a new trailer for their meth lab? Next level meth! Cook it up!

Who do we talk to about making sure their requests are answered? This guy?

“Make it work, genies.”
–Timur Gunn

Thanks for the tip, Robin.

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  1. pretty good production values for low level amateurs from overseas or whathaveyou…
    At the end of the day, those next level beats got me so hype, the feelings are unapproachable

    • Wait, is that tsimfuckis makin a cameo on the ninja joint?
      Oh snap son, does yo thing, does it up right malformed human style!

  2. i’m not sure the concept hair is a good replacement for bunny ears, but okay, gummo-boy.

  3. This is just viral marketing for ‘Intervention’. Don’t buy the hype.

  4. These guys are obviously the Penn brothers and the girl is a Blade Runner android. (Note: I know Chris Penn is dead but that does not change the fact that he is here, in these videos, in a marajuana headband.)

  5. nick cannon’s got a new target (ad)

  6. that is one classy mullet

  7. Wow. do you know what I needed to see today? Some scarecrow’s junk flopping around to mad beatz in his skeevy boxers. Thank you Genie. Now i’m all out of wishes.

  8. I literally can’t tell if that girl is 10 or 30. Even after she stripped.

    Am I going to be arrested for watching this?

    • She is definitely 9 years old. No grown woman has a voice like that.
      Ich, she’s pretty, but that high pitched “I am your butterfly” shit is the EXACT OPPOSITE of attractive. Unless you are a pedo.

  9. Those Dark Side of the Moon boxers didn’t need to be abused like that….

  10. Why did he write all over himself? Is he trying to find out who murdered his wife?

  11. “He owns a PC computer and makes some next level beats.”
    I’m not sure that this is the image Microsoft was looking for in it’s “I’m a PC” line of computers, but I guess what ever it takes.
    “I’m a PC and I have a throat tattoo.”
    Also, in the second video, how did they get into my bedroom? That is clearly my own particular brand of teddy bear and ninja decor.

  12. Wow. So.many.comments. Where does one even begin? The cock flying around in the Dark Side of the Moon boxers seems as good a place as any. Love it.

    Moving on to the creepy child of the corn. What does “I am your butterfly. I need your production” even mean? You are scary little (very old/meth face) girl.

    I think you will be getting a call from Chris Lilley’s lawyer because you clearly stole this from Summer Heights High, my ninjas!

  13. Bumblebeez on much stronger drugs.

  14. That is the weirdest dream Agent Dale Cooper ever had.

    • If they were performing these songs backwards when these videos were recorded, and then they reversed them to play forward, it would explain SO MUCH.

  15. Someone please give Dr. Moreau guy whatever he wants!

  16. I just hope the Next Level Beats tag gets the use it so richly deserves.

  17. I think Vanilla Ice has a potential lawsuit here. Both for the hair and the lyrics in the chorus. You know what I’m talkin’ about…

    • Let’s not forget Bobby Brown and the soundtrack to Ghostbusters II. “Too hot to handle, too cold to hold.” This guy likes old movie raps! (LOVE THIS GUY)

    • Off the topic, but just out of curiosity.. do you and happy little trees have the same icon/avatar or are you him and just have alternate posting names?

      • I smell a feud! Who is this Happy Little Trees? Clown-hair Gallagher is MY Celebrity Doppelganger, not his/hers. Ain’t ever changed it and never will.


  19. oh wow. will i ever be the same now that i have seen this? i feel like the answer is “probably.” but nonetheless, wow.

  20. I just entered the Secret Chamber on the website; someone got a hold of Jim Carey’s web designer, apparently.

  21. I’m pretty sure I danced to the chorus of Enter the Ninja last time I played Dance Dance Revolution.

  22. I was hoping that Zef Side would be a Moby cover.

  23. Aaaaauuuugh literally everything about these videos makes me nauseated. Bleck.

  24. I see that they were on the Mad Decent Blog so they may already be uncool. Sorry everyone.

  25. What if they want our respect?

    [ ] Give
    [ ] Don’t give

  26. Can’t take credit for this gif, but somebody had to do it.

  27. “dolph lundgren hair, primordial dwarves, and beats that’ll make your pink-floyd bounce.”

    • thats not a primordial dwarf, that dudes got progeria, the aging disease. I should know, I have watched enough episodes of Maury about this.

  28. I love that this “lovable, mongrel-like entity” exists. And I’m a little bit scared.

  29. For a few minutes there, I forgot Obama was black.

  30. is it bad that i like his awful tattoos?

  31. Sure, they’re good, but I won’t give them anything they want because they’ll just go spend it on more meth.

  32. Is that girl wearing a wig or does her hair really start that far back to require bangs to provide the illusion of a more traditional hairline. I really want to know. no seriously.

  33. I honestly had to focus on her hairline becuase everything else scared me. this is going to show up in a crazy-as-shit dream/nightmare sometime soon.

  34. The Hills Have Eyes. And a rap group.

  35. After watching this I…I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE IN ANYMORE, YOU GUYS. All I know is that I’m terrified. And lost. Meandering through life.

  36. This guys hair could rival Pauly D’s.

  37. I think what they really want is their dignity.

  38. I’m sorry, but I just want to confirm…does he have a tattoo on his right arm of Casper the Friendly Ghost wielding a giant erection?

  39. It’s about time they made a movie about Elizabeth Smart

  40. I’m confused… it looks like Chris Cunningham decided to produce an international rap novelty act.

  41. Gabe,

    I posted this on my Facebook over 24 hours ago, and Videogum is basically like your Facebook. That is like 4 light years in internet time. Where were you grandpa?


  42. Jumble up the words Die Antwoord, what do you get?

    Ad Owned Trio

    Nice try, Hot Pockets. Not falling for it…

  43. Hey, don’t go over to the Zef Side. It’s kind of all weird and penis floppy-y over there.

  44. Am I the only one that expected them to speak in Australian accents?

  45. I watched these an hour ago and the ‘butterfly’ chorus is still stuck on repeat in my head and the little old man/boy is still haunting my mindgrapes. Should have been tagged NSFW (Nightmare Stuff for Weeping).

  46. Good to see Joe Strummer’s not actually dead.

  47. I’m drawing dollar signs on all my panties right now. I’d totally forgotten why God gave me a vagina.

  48. i’m pretty sure that girl swallowed smurfette and is now using her voice to sing with

  49. forget it, my ninjas. it’s geniustown.

  50. Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go!

  51. Punk as Fuck!

  52. That first video was next level Erich Wareheim ish.

  53. The face of terror is in the second vid.
    It’s terrorable.

  54. Photobucket
    Screencap courtesy of your next screaming nightmare.

  55. Same! I was wondering if I was hearing that correctly; I even managed to recognize it without the flashing arrows and dancing cartoons as a backdrop!

  56. I can only pray that these guys are invited to the 11th Annual Gather of the Jaggalos.

  57. this looks like a deleted scene from Welcome to The Dollhouse…. maybe they’re the lost members of dawn’s special people club?

  58. “Said I was a fuckin’ psycho!”

    Oh really? I wonder why…

  59. Excuse me, did I just stumble into the episode of Da Ali G Show of my nightmares?

  60. The guy in the window in the first video is the best. He’s just so overwhelmed and enthralled by their next level beats.

  61. The best part are the lyrics to one of their songs.
    Are those lyrics about crystallized period blood? You bet they are. You bet they are.

  62. Oh wow, I didn’t even know they were making a sequel to Freaks!

  63. These videos are basically my bus ride to work every morning. No Homo.

  64. I know I’m a little way late in the game here, but I want to make sure that we’re all on that same page that this is a big act performed by an established South African humorous rap musician?

    • Thanks for clearing that up. I assumed it was not legit (the production values are way too high for those folks to be serious), but I didn’t know who was behind it until you pointed me in the right direction.


    click on anything clickable, then help me pick up my jaw and hold me while I try to fight off the nightmares.

    • HOLY CRAP! That was really terrifying at first but then when I realized I could make the smiley faces make sounds it became a little more hilarious… especially since that website from whet I can tell serves no other purpose other than nightmare inspiration–for “next level nightmares”.
      Think I’ll wash my brain out with some more lost before bed.

  66. oh! so THAT’S what Apartheid was about!

  67. These next level beats are pretty wise.

  68. I’m Antwoord and I’m a PC.

  69. this is actually giving me Gummo flashbacks.

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