Channing Tatum has started a website! About love! I’m sure that’s true! I am sure that he taught himself Java and basic C++ because he just believed in spreading ART and HUGS around the WORLD. I’m also sure that when he says that he is going to be checking the site every day and commenting on what people create that that is just very true. He will definitely be doing that for sure. “Hold on, director of Fighting 2, I have to see if loveonator_69 uploaded a new vlog about their feelings.” He is not a fucking liar in a fucking Liar’s Cap or anything. It’s just a neat web project from a neat guy.

Hey, check out this really great video of Amanda Seyfried singing a love song that she uploaded to Channing Tatum’s new website for no other reason than because she too believes that love can transform the world through hackneyed acoustic guitar open mic ballads:

Oh, that is just really neat. What a good song, Amanda Seyfried. You clearly know a lot about love and art.

SIDENOTE: Dear John, a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel that is a romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative college student while he’s home on leave starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried will be in theaters February 5th! That is completely unrelated to Channing Tatum’s super-cool web project that he came up with all on his own and even did the coding for, probably, I just thought that if you liked how much Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried were into love and websites maybe you’d like their movie. Who knows!

SIDENOTE: drop dead, Hollywood marketing teams.

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  1. Is this the movie he burned his penis off for?


  2. Ugh. he’s gotten fat.

  3. He really did just say pay it forward in that video.

    • Channing Tatum commented on a post by Taylor 21 hours ago.

      Love the post. So vulnerable. Thats what this site is, a place to shout something into the ether if you can’t tell someone in person.

      The universe will listen.

  4. Let’s get to work, guys!

    • Did anyone else take that last line “Get to work!” as a threat? What is going to happen if I don’t get to work and continue switching between Microsoft Outlook and porn?

  5. Seriously… Did the Ginger Kid Die??? I’m Worried:(

  6. There should be a no Nicholas Sparks rule in The Hunt… because it’s a given that any movie adaptation of his horribly maudlin books will suck really hard.
    He’s the Alice Sebold of my balls, basically.

    • I really liked A Walk To Remember. In my defense, I was really young (not really young) but I have always hated The Notebook which is the worst of the worst.

  7. i mean, i love love. but the frown face i made while watching his video was akin to the frown face i made when i accidentally ate moldy fruit the other day.

  8. The Vlog was about us! It was us! My Alzheimer’s is cured momentarily!

  9. Hey now you’re not Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  10. nothing inspires my hatred so much as ooeygooeybarfylovefests. also that hat. if your face is sort of round and mushy and putty colored, don’t top it off with something round and mushy and putty colored.

  11. I’m only reading this if Channing Tatum mirrors it to his Dreamwidth.

  12. Channing Tatum has obviously never read Crime and Punishment.

  13. Gabe, your age is showing in this geriatric diatribe masked as “word-to-the-young”:

    “You’ve never known a day of hard work in your life. Blogs are difficult things to star in. Unlike your cinemas, CT.”

  14. Aren’t the transformative qualities of love that can change the world the reason you do Videogum Gabe?

    I swear I remember a post along those lines. I don’t remember the specifics but I do remember that it was beautiful.

  15. Maybe he thinks a vlog is a vagina log.

  16. “Trust me, I’m a liar.” – My boss’s hat, everyday.

    This hat is only to be worn unironically despite a propensity to make up 97% of all statements. IRL (It’s Really Legit). MLIT (My Liar is Topdog).

  17. I’m glad we decided to talk about this livejournal instead of Channing Tatum’s dick. Because under NO circumstances will Gabe discuss that topic!

  18. This has You Can Make It Up written all over it. With the “it” dotted with a little heart obvs.

  19. Dear John, I can make an internet for acoustic mngfl music.

  20. Can we please start a commitee to approve the use of the word “art” by celebrities? Also, “genius” and I think we can shoehorn in requests to remake movies and cover songs. We’ll call it , the “Yeah, we’re gonna have to stop you right there” committee. Just try it for a day whenever Jeff Ament and his hat start going on about the transformative power of “art”.

  21. More like one big long UGHletter.

  22. what the HAT is going on here?

  23. Lilly Kane, you are making it so difficult to love you.

  24. If “Dear John” doesn’t have leukemia in it I’m not watching.

  25. So, Channing Tatum is playing Judd Hirsch’s character? I’m confused. Help!

  26. Nice try, Channing. Joseph Gordon-Levitt beat you to the punch 2-3 years ago:

  27. Hey guys! We’re going to need a Bigger Monitor! What? Channing’s already got one? Oh, okay then. How about this one? Vanity Fair called, they’re doing a Hottest Hollywood Albinos of 2010! Oh, Amanda’s been on the cover twice already? Okay, never mind. Sorry about that; go ahead and continue to Post the Love.

  28. See how her face is partially obscured in that video? That’s how we know it’s supergenuine and sincere! She didn’t even know they were shooting her, it was a voyeur! A beautiful kind hearted voyeur captivated by her childlike sincerity and earnest longing!

  29. drop dead marketing teams, indeed, but don’t forget to blame the guy who will do anything for money.

  30. He’s going to cum on other people’s posts? that sounds disgusting!

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