In the future, of course, whether our space grandchildren are gathered around us on the hover-porch, wondering when we’re going to stop complaining about holographic-SEXTING and start providing some kind of explanation for why the Earth is covered in water, or if we’re pushing a shopping cart full of burned coats through the ash-covered wastes towards the coast trying to carry the fire, it is going to be borderline-impossible to make anyone who was not alive during these Foolish Times of Coca-Cola and Mattresses understand what was so fucking important about making fun of women for their poor decisions in offensively-expensive clothing, and giving a dude from a movie about blue Indians with magic ponytails a golden statuette to put in his guest bathroom as a conversation piece.

“Why?” the boy asked, his face streaked with ash.
“I don’t know,” the man said. And felt a thing inside himself break once more.

But for now, we live on land and our drinking water is water, not re-purified urine. And the roving gangs of cannibals still respect the Rule of Law. After the jump, the list of nominees for the 2010 Academy Awards.

- Avatar
- The Blind Side
- District 9
- An Education
- The Hurt Locker
- Inglourious Basterds
- Precious: Based On The Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire
- A Serious Man
- Up
- Up In The Air

- Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
- George Clooney, Up In The Air
- Colin Firth, A Single Man
- Morgan Freeman, Invictus
- Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker

- Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
- Helen Mirren, The Last Station
- Carey Mulligan, An Education
- Gabourey Sidibe, Precious: Based On The Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire
- Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia

- Matt Damon, Invictus
- Woody Harrelson, The Messenger
- Christopher Plummer, The Last Station
- Stanley Tucci, The Lovely Bones
- Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds

- Penélope Cruz, Nine
- Vera Farmiga, Up In The Air
- Maggie Gyllenhaal, Crazy Heart
- Anna Kendrick, Up In The Air
- Mo’Nique, Precoius: Based On The Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire

- James Cameron, Avatar
- Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker
- Quentin Tarantino, Inglourious Basterds
- Lee Daniels, Precious: Based On The Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire
- Jason Reitman, Up In The Air

- The Hurt Locker, Mark Boal
- Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino
- The Messenger, Alessandro Camon & Oren Moverman
- A Serious Man, Joel Coen & Ethan Coen
- Up, Bob Peterson, Pete Doctor

- District 9, Neil Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell
- An Education, Nick Hornby
- In The Loop, Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche
- Precious: Based On The Novel ‘Push’ By Sapphire, Geoffrey Fletcher
- Up In The Air, Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner

- Coraline
- Fantastic Mr. Fox
- The Princess And The Frog
- The Secret Of Kells
- Up

- “Almost There,” Randy Newman for The Princess & The Frog
- “Down IN New Orleans,” Randy Newman for The Princess & The Frog
- “Loin de Paname,” Wagner & Thomas for Paris 36
- “Take It All,” Maury Yeston for Nine
- “The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart),” Ryan Bingham for Crazy Heart

- Avatar, James Horner
- Fantastic Mr. Fox, Alexandre Desplat
- The Hurt Locker, Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders
- Sherlock Holmes, Hans Zimmer
- Up, Michael Giacchino

Good luck to all the nominees! This is the type of thing you are going to tell your grandchildren about, if you don’t dry your junk out too much with cocaine smoothies, and more importantly if the world itself continues to sustain human life. 2012!

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah, what about LOST

  2. I’ve got some bad news for my grandchildren: I’m never going to stop complaining about holographic SEXTING.

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      • But you do know that Armond White is a douchebag, right? He just finds a good movie that most critics like for a good reason and then shits all over it. It’s called “Armonding”, I think.

        • Thus my reference to “bad company”. Happy Little Trees finds himself in the company of noted douchebag Armond White. Not to say that H.L.T. is a douchebag, but they are standing together here.

    • Don’t down vote the monster for posting an unpopular opinion while using proper grammar. The capslocked HATED is for emphasis not bad grammar.

    • up was good, but that’s not going to get me to give any sort of damn about this year’s oscars. it’s nice to see a serious man up for best picture, though. on a somewhat related note, colin firth was not in that movie.

    • The problem with Up is that it had two female characters. One died in the first ten minutes and the other was a stupid bird. So that all the fun and adventure is basically treated as the strict province of boys, and seems a lot less fun and adventuresome for that reason. And it’s not like I expect my real people movies to have interesting ladies, because of the Sexism, but animated films are where girls are supposed to shine. And if you think about the great cartoons of the past, having good female characters has been basically the norm, and I don’t know why the Up people would change the rules all of a sudden, except they were having so much awesome funtime they forget to invite us, I guess.

      Also: I worry that the success of Up this means it will be more okay in the future to not put girls in cartoons.

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        • The old guy in Up was jewish? Also, is there a genre of “Cranky Old Jew meets Fat Helpful Asian” movies that I don’t know about?

        • Actually the mom gets killed all the time. Bambi. Dumbo I think? And everything with a stepmother in it. It’s a standard fairy tale/children’s story starting point. It throws the main character way out of any comfort zone. So maybe you are not seeing the way in which Up takes that traditional starting point and does something original with it? Also isn’t the point of Up sorta that the guy had actually all along been on the real adventure of his life with the woman he loved? I don’t know, I didn’t see it, but I’m sure you’re being way too hard on it. I mean, one cartoon gets made without an active female main character and it’s destroyed women having lives forever? No, I’m sorry: Twilight did that.

          • You didn’t see it but you’re sure I’m being too hard on it? Ugh.

          • Valid, rajma, except you’re missing my point: I think you are being too hard on this film because, as I read you (correct me if I am wrong), you reject Up because its lack of female characters gives it an inherent message to girls/women: the world is more fun without you, and the big adventures are not for you. But if that is a fair reaction, then aren’t we dangerously close to saying that no movie should ever be made unless it includes a main character of each gender, and orientation, and ethnic background? Is there any way in which a major studio cartoon can get props for having just one main character who is geriatric and one who is Asian? Do blonde kids see themselves as not invited to that adventure? I doubt it (and I’m leaving aside, cuz I didn’t see it, questions of whether the old man and Asian kid were racisty). I don’t want to get to a place where every movie has to visually represent every possible iteration of human being. Madness lies that way! I can completely enjoy Amelie even though not a French girl, to cite one very weak example that barely supports my case. Anyway, another way to look at it is this: Disney put out Up the same year they put out Princess and the Frog, which has Princess right in the title and so I assume (didn’t see it) revolves completely around a female character. But 2009 indicates we should worry that cartoons will cease to have room for girls? I don’t see that reaction as remotely justified, and that’s why I said you were being too hard on Up. I don’t need to see the movie to have these misgivings about your reaction to it. Hope that clarifies? Ugh?

          • The thing is, women aren’t some small portion of a greater whole, they are more than half of everybody. When someone says, “this movie doesn’t have any roles for women,” and a second person says, “Oh, and I bet you’re also upset there are no French people with golden legs,” that person is basically saying that being a woman is a rare condition, that being a chick is weird. That kind of thinking is a huge problem. It’s absurd that 52 percent of the world shouldn’t expect to see representation of themselves until there is also representation of people who have at least one limb that is precious metal.

            And Up doesn’t just have no good female characters who don’t immediately die, it also does a lot of other stuff that’s problematic that I have mentioned in my other comments. Like, it mocks a character by giving it a higher typically feminine voice, and gives a female character a male name, like obviously anybody who is adventurous is gonna be male monikered, duh. So it’s not just about what the movie doesn’t do or have, it’s also about what the movie does do and which it actively takes credit for. And it being an animated film, it is working within a tradition where this stuff has been less acceptable, which is why I’m less accepting of it, because who can stay outraged at every new stripper who dies on CSI, I mean there are a lot of dead strippers on that show.

          • Golden legs?

          • I think you’re putting an undue burden on animation. There are other genres that have historically featured women in starring roles. Pornography, for example.

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          • MOTHERFUCKERS THAT movie was GOOD AND IF the first TEN MINUTES didn’t make YOU TEARY EYED I am going TO COME BEAT that soul BACK into you.

          • I’m agreeing with you! You don’t have to yell at me!

          • ENOUGH of your comment cancer.

        • I don’t think they ever stated in the film that Ellie was a mom. She was a wife, but I don’t think they stated that they ever had a child. Plus, death from old age is not exactly killing her off under some tragic circumstances like those other films e.g. Bambi, The Lion King, etc. It was just more of an organic way to tell the story, not a tossed-off catalyst to get to the action or something.

      • You’re right, I wouldn’t even know about feminism if it wasn’t for those Disney princesses heroically waiting for their prince to come.

        • I mean, I was thinking more along the lines of any movie by Miyazaki or Satoshi Kon. Or the movie about the triplets from Belleville, what was that called? Or any Pixar movie before this one. But, what the heck: haha, Disney Princesses. You got me, I’m totally burned.

      • The wife isn’t there physically (after the first 15 min), but her presence can be felt the whole time (the house represents her) and she’s the reason for the whole adventure. She’s the most important character in the movie.

      • You’re right. If Hollywood needs to do anything more, it’s stick to The Formula.

        I apologize in advance for going all serioustown over here, but I don’t see how Up would have been improved if Pixar had decided to shoehorn a female character into the narrative because they felt they had to. I also don’t think the movie would have been any worse if it was about an old woman mourning her dead husband, and her adventures with a girl scout. I don’t think the gender of the characters effected the themes of the pain of loss (be it due to death or abandonment) and the fear of never doing what you set out to in your life. If the success of Up proves anything, it’s that telling an emotive story is always superior to simply following some formula out of some sense of obligation.

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        • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • Speaking as a man, with a penis: lol.

          • Maybe I care a little.

          • I care.

            I’m sure you’re right. Pixar who you mentioned as having a pretty good track record of films that do not piss you off decided that this time they make a calculated effort to make the most nefariously sexist animated film of all time. Lets step into bizarro world where the gender roles of the main characters are flipped but Up is still considered America’s favorite movie. I’m sure everyone would praise the crabby old woman who pined for her lost husband and talk how brave she was because she lived her life through the outgoing, strong, loving nature of her husband.

            Up sucked because it was too drawn out and overly sentimental. The end.

          • I mean, I don’t doubt that the sexism I’m referring to is feeding into and being fed by the overall lack of interestingness that is your problem with the film.

            Also: accusing a film of sexism is not the same as accusing the makers of the film of being consciously sexist. I am always seeing these two things being conflated and would like for that to stop.

          • I would also like to stop using “I mean” to begin every comment I ever make, here.

          • You must not like a lot of movies.

          • There are many many many movies. Disliking a lot of movies is completely reasonable.

            I also like a lot of movies, but we aren’t talking about movies I like right now.

          • What I mean is that I think you’re putting unrealistic expectations and too-strict criteria on what is essentially a cartoon for children. I think you’re reading way too much into the intentions behind the making of the movie. By your standards, movies with strong female characters will ALWAYS be superior to movies without. And by that logic, Avatar was way better than The Hurt Locker, which I don’t think is true.

            Also, by saying that you don’t like a lot of movies, I was thinking of movies like Westerns and War films where there are often very few, if any female characters.

          • First of all, it’s nominated for Oscars? But I shouldn’t judge it too harshly– listen, something is either worth serious consideration or it’s not. Also, the idea that it’s okay if stuff sucks if it’s for kids itself, sucks.

            Also, I have NO IDEA where you get this: “By your standards, movies with strong female characters will ALWAYS be superior to movies without.” When did I ever say that? The issue of gender is one quality by which one can judge a movie out of many qualities. I feel that Up handled gender so poorly as to significantly impact its overall quality. And there are many movies about which is true. But “always,” where did I write that. Maybe I blacked out, it happens.

            The truth is, and this is exhausting that I have to spell this out, I like many movies that have no or almost no female characters and I even like some movies that are out-and-out sexist because I’m a human being and that’s how folks roll. I DON’T like movies that are sexist in a way that’s unnecessary, that’s not part of the filmmaker’s obvious vision, that actually tarnishes that vision, that is really clumsy and weird, that appears in a medium perhaps uniquely suited for not-sexism and is therefore even more avoidable, that sabotages a lot of other stuff the filmmakers are going for, that is dumb, that is not even funny.

      • What the heck is it you are trying to say?

        • – Ladies can’t find interesting roles in Hollywoodland.

          – Ladies have historically been able to find interesting roles in Animationtown. I am not talking about Disneyprincess St., which is just one street of Animationtown.

          – Up eschews Animationtown convention by not having any interesting lady roles. This does not make them rebels(!!), this just makes them more like Hollywoodland. Getting away from Hollywoodland is one of the main reasons to even visit Animationtown in the first place.

          – Lacking interesting ladies hurts the quality of Up because it makes Adventure feel like a country club where not everyone is welcome, which makes it feel stuffy and frustrating and irritating, like being somewhere and knowing not everyone is allowed to go there, or not being allowed to go somewhere and knowing you’ll never be allowed there.

          – When things make lots of money the things that are made next tend to look like the thing that made money. Believe it or not, if the Moneybaggers see that a movie without interesting lady roles makes lots of money, maybe more money than some other movie with interesting lady roles, then the chances of the next movie having interesting lady roles goes down. If this were not true, I would care a whole lot less, maybe barely at all, because Up is just one movie in a sea of movies, who cares.

          • I highly doubt the fact that Up did not have a “significant” female role (though that is debatable considering the house is representative of his wife, who was the truly adventurous one) sets any kind of precedent for Hollywood to create animated films without female characters. As a female feminist who agrees with the fact that it is tough to find interesting roles for living, breathing women, I hate to say this but you are coming off as the worst type of Jezebel commenter right now, ignoring half the facts to make some big point that doesn’t really make sense. Up was a good movie, in my opinion, and deserves to be considered one of the best of the year. No girls will see this and think, “Oh no, adventures are only for old men and Asian boys! and I guess also giant birds and talking dogs! I’m just going to be weak and squeeze out a few babies in the kitchen!” Wall-E doesn’t say adventure is just for robots. Ratatouille doesn’t say adventure is just for rats and chefs. They are all fun movies that anyone and everyone can enjoy.
            As a side note, can’t you be supportive of the fact that Up featured a character who wasn’t white and never did a thing to point out the fact that he was a “different” race? That’s pretty good considering Hollywood today.

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          • I’m a few hours behind, but I think maybe some of the objection you’re feeling to this movie might be that, were the situation reversed, and the cast of the movie mostly female, Up would be cast as ‘a woman’s movie’ about womanly things.
            I loved Up, and I don’t think it was a movie just about men. It wasn’t exactly Ahnold up there having adventures, if you know what I mean. But I do wonder how well a movie about an old woman and a young woman having adventures and bumping into a famous female adventurer (Amelia Earhart?) would fare. In fact, I don’t think there would be a movie about this at all, at least not like Up. It would probably just be another Fried Green Tomatoes or some such thing. Because, frankly, our sympathies would not align with an old woman who was cranky to some kid because her husband died. Okay, I’ll show myself back to Jezebel now.

          • I guess we will have to agree to disagree. You think it is sexist. I think it is not sexist. Nothing will change that.

      • I love Up but I also like reading sensible reasons why people have issues with (popular or unpopular) movies and I agree.

      • Up’s ellie is more developed and a role model than almost anything you get in the other movies, An Education aside. Sure, she dies within the first 15 minutes, but she is the reason he does adventure, without her he never would have gone on any adventure, so this idea that women aren’t for adventure is b.s.
        and to calm your fears that women are to be written out of animation, Pixar’s next two movies have girl protagonists, so, you know, relax a little.

        • That’s cool and all, but being the reason a character does something does not qualify one as a character. That’s just being a catalyst. She might as well have been a zombie virus, or a thunderstorm, or a car accident.

    • Allow me to rally around your flag, Mr. Trees.

  4. I’d like to take this opportunity to again remind everyone that Avatar was terrible.

  5. Way to go, Gabe, you posted this yesterday. And no mention of last night’s amazing Lost episode? why is everyone saying it’s Groundhog Day again?? It’s still just once a year, right?

  6. Yay for District 9!
    Boo for The Blind Side (it was good, but Best Picture good?)

    • Second that. District 9 rules.

    • “Good” equals “paternalistically racist” nowadays?

      Sorry. Not to get all Angrygum, but, ugh. That movie.

      • I can understand not liking District 9, but I don’t really see how it was paternalistic. Its not like anyone was trying to teach the aliens anything or guide them to a better tomorrow.

        • Oh! I was talking about the reference of the human-racist film “The Blind Side” being referred to as “good, but Best Picture good?” I totally forgot about the alien racism in District 9 – that was not what I was referring to. Sorry for the confusion!

          • Ah! I see. The Indian steet urchen I purchased to provide companionship to my young son was saying something similar just the other day. I didn’t hear his whole argument as my muscular bodyguard and I were on our way out to investigate the mystery of Skull Island. If you’d like to continue this discussion elsewhere feel free to email me at

          • This may not make Editor’s Choice this week, but it’s definitely Trevor’s Choice.

      • The Blind Side was “good” for me based on my cellar-dwelling expectations for that film. In that light, it was very good. It didn’t suck nearly as much as I would have thought. Of course, I can’t speak for ambarella…

    • I’m really happy for District 9, too, but I wish that Sharlto Copley would have gotten some best actor love. He was so good. Also, the Blind Side was fucking horrible.

      • right?! i read the “best picture” list and thought “oh good, they saw district 9!” and then saw the “best actor” list and thought “oh wait, so they know about it but they didn’t watch it.”

    • Ugh. Nominating Blind Side was such a cynical ratings ploy. Nice try, Academy, too bad Real America still hates you. If they’re going to play that game, they should have just nominated The Hangover purely for the prospect of a Zach Galifinakis acceptance speech. Who wouldn’t watch that? 24 CARAT TV GOLD!

      • They could have 100 best picture nominees and still not get a fucking comedy in there… because comedies aren’t serious, you see, and serious = good. Stupid Hollywood logic.

  7. I still get onto my space Grandparents about the cocaine they used to put in their coca cola. Makes you wonder what will life be like for the Children of our Menopause?

  8. That’s what I’ll find hardest explaining to my hover-space grandchildren. “Why did Avatar win so many useless golden trinkets?”

  9. I thought animated films like Avatar and Up couldn’t be nominated for best picture, but only best animated film?

    • I can’t help but think that there was probably more animation work went into Avatar than all of the Best Animated Feature nominees combined.

    • Animated films can be nominated for best picture (Remember the Beauty and the Beast! That is how that saying goes, right?). The man just keeps them down. Not that I am bitter. Not at all.

    • It’s more like, once they added an “Animation” category, everyone’s head went into their yogurt cups and they figured “The fish movie can have this Oscar because cartoons”, and thus animated features have been mostly neglected for Best [overall] Picture. They’re certainly not excluded from one because of the other. Also, everyone in the Academy is 144.

  10. Not to be a nitpicking Nancy, Gabe, but in the category for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Colin Firth was nominated for “A Single Man” not “A Serious Man”. How else are his space grandchildren going to remember him?!?

  11. So I think its pretty obvious now that from now on, the increased nominee slots are going to be filled with movies that people actually saw in order to drum up interest and ratings. Did this past year really have twice as many movies worthy of a best picture nom than ever before? No. I’m pretty sure the likes of Up, , and The Blind Side would have never been considered before (not that any of those are necessarily bad, well except Blind Side, vom)

  12. Also, Moon was ROBBED!

  13. Nine nominations each for Avatar and Hurt Locker.

    So this year’s Oscars focuses on the rivalry between James Cameron and his ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow?

    So this year’s Oscars will become a terrible Nora Ephron movie?

  14. Hurt Locker could be the little movie* that could and take the most gold people home. Hollywood has been trying to make movies about Iraq and failing, now they have Hurt Locker and they might throw all their love at it, like America didn’t do with their money for all the other movies about the Iraq war.

    *My grandchildren will be asking how $11 million movies were called little movies, as we shake due to the effects of eating too much human flesh, while my wife serves tea to wanderers that came to our lone house in the barren wasteland, that wasn’t destroyed by the light in the sky, before we kill and eat them

  15. Where I live in Southern California our drinking water literally is re-purified urine, no joke. But not just urine — poop water too! Toilet to tap. Wake up, kids, we’re here.

  16. Colin Firth was nom’d for A Single Man, not A Serious Man, although the dude from A Serious Man (whose name I am not even bothering to look up – Michael Something?) should have been nom’d, so I see what you were getting at.

  17. Gabe, are you still stuck on the whole Razzie thing? This is a joke, right?

  18. If Up is nominated for best picture….does that mean that it’s a shoe-in for best animated film?

  19. Oh look Oscars, you forgot the best performance by any actor all year by Nicolas Cage in Bad Lieutenant. Yes, THAT Nicolas Cage.

  20. Glad to see Morgan Freeman got nominated for playing Morgan Freeman again.

    • But you have to admit, there’s no one else you want to cast for the “kind-eyed, wise black gentleman that inspires white people to be better than they thought they could be” archetype. Will Smith just isn’t ready.

  21. To totally, unabashedly steal Doug Benson’s joke, Up in the Air NEEDS to win, and the presenter NEEDS to have a sense of humor and say, “And the Oscar for best picture goes to UP!!!!…in the Air”

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  23. Next year, instead of having 10 pest picture nominees, they should just add a new category for “Best Institutional Racism in a Motion Picture.”

  24. Am I the only one who thinks its weird that George Clooney’s character from Up In The Air is also nominated for best original song for Crazy Heart?

  25. I hate that we have to endure that long-ass Precious title everytime it’s mentioned all because of some shitty Dakota Fanning movie…

  26. Swayze better get a goddamn life-time achievement award.

  27. Is it really called “Down IN New Orleans?”

    • I’ve been amusing myself all morning by singing imaginary movie themes in the voice of Will Sasso impersonating Randy Newman.

      (to a jaunty New Orleans piano)
      Princess an’ the frog
      Princess an’ the frog
      They goin’ uptown, they gon’ burn it down!
      Princess an’ the frog

  28. I chose to stick with the AVATAR avatar until the whole Avatar craze passed over (I like to adhere to my little promises to compensate for larger failures), but I’m asking now, please, make it stop!

  29. I am angry that some of my favorite things were not recognized by a nebulous group of Hollywood elites, but I am happy that some of my favorite things were recognized by a nebulous group of Hollywood elites.

  30. i’m sad that woody harrelson probably won’t win. not fair. :(

    in other news, how about them documentary noms, huh?? “which way home”??? so crazy, right???? how bananas would it be if it stole the trophy from “food inc”???? amirite guys????? hello????? is this thing on????????

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  32. I didn’t see any of these movies! SORRY!

  33. I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, but if it were true, why does every single woman I know LOVE this movie? (This includes progressive feminism-minded women).

  34. Heath Ledger was robbed.

  35. Has anyone talked about “UP” yet? That was a movie that I saw.

  36. Yes! I was just wondering how get enthusiastic about picking for my Oscar pool, and this is the ticket–imaginary romantic comedy plot. Two exes who loathe each other get nominated for all of the same Oscar categories. Sparks fly when they exchange flirty insults at a press conference. She finds him in a quiet corner of the Kodak Theatre before the ceremony and they start reminiscing about old times, but just as they’re about to kiss he whispers ‘I see you’ in Na’vi and she remembers he’s a smug old Fraggle-haired douche who thinks he invented movies and bails. She wins all the awards and he ends up killing himself because Pandora doesn’t exist. Then she marries Clive Owen! The end.

  37. What’s the point of all the extra Best Picture noms if Avatar is the obvious winner? It’s kind of like they wanted to say “Not only did Avatar make the most money ever, but also beat out the most movies ever for BP.” But that’s cheating! I hope it loses, District 9 was by far the better alien movie.

    Also, is every movie now gonna be scrutinized for hidden themes against people? Is there ANY movie that isn’t racist/sexist/paternalistic/jingoistic/WMOAT?

    • Having ten nominees could split the vote up in some interesting ways… I wouldn’t call it too soon for Avatar.

    • I think that people would stop accusing movies of being racist/sexist/paternalistic/jingoistic/WMOAT if hollywood would stop making movies that were racist/sexist/paternalistic/jingoistic/WMOAT.

  38. I care.

    I’m sure you’re right. Pixar who you mentioned as having a pretty good track record of films that do not piss you off decided that this time they make a calculated effort to make the most nefariously sexist animated film of all time. Lets step into bizarro world where the gender roles of the main characters are flipped but Up is still considered America’s favorite movie. I’m sure everyone would praise the crabby old woman who pined for her lost husband and talk how brave she was because she lived her life through the outgoing, strong, loving nature of her husband.

    Up sucked because it was too drawn out and overly sentimental. The end.

  39. Can someone PLEASE tell me what TV show (a comedy) within the last year or two (or three) featured one of the male leads communicating with a non-English speaking girlfriend solely through some sort of Speak & Spell translator device? It is driving me crazy, and I need confirmation that I did not dream it. I know that this is not the correct forum, but I am running out of options. Thank you for your support.

  40. I love T Bone Streep. I do but I don’t think Julie and Julia is a movie she should be nominated for.

    Also: Avatar is bad. Yea, I said it.

  41. My favorite category is “Best Animated Feature Film,” also known as “All Five Animated Feature Films that Were Made this Year. Good Job!”

  42. I’m sure next year The Academy will get it right and please everyone in America equally.

  43. Oscar om nom nom nom

  44. Amidst the anger over the snubs (Moon was robbed!) or the bizarre Up-related, Armond White-style meltdowns, I think people are losing sight that this unintentionally racist product your mom liked is nominated for best picture and will probably win one for best actress:

    With this, Avatar, District 9 (great flick!), and Princess and The Frog (cute flick; maybe count Precious too) nominated, it’s the White Person’s Guilt Awards! Hot off the heels of Crash‘s embarrassing win to boot.

  45. am i the only one who thinks tarantino deserves a best picture?

  46. Has anyone read the book The Blind Side? It’s written by Michael Lewis, whose work on Moneyball I really admire. I never got around to reading it, but the movie looks so Minority Teaches White People How to Love in Return for Their Infinite Beneficence that it now scares me.

    • I read the book. It’s fantastic – for one thing, it does point out that, yeah, it’s a little shady that this rich white Ole Miss alumni family adopted a football prodigy who just HAPPENED to choose Ole Miss when the entire SEC was recruiting him. (Lewis goes easy on them, because they’re friends.)

      It also explains a lot about football in general – how the increasing popularity of the passing game made the left tackle so vital, and how the ideal left tackle has such a specific body type that anyone with a lick of football knowledge was able to look at Michael Oher, who had never played in his life, and say, “That’s an NFL starter.” And it’s Lewis, so he does all this in a very clear and engaging way.

      I haven’t seen the movie; merely watching the trailer caused me to retire to the Angrydome for a few hours. But I cannot recommend the book enough.

  47. Did no one see A Serious Man? Anti-Semites.

  48. Even though it’s a category no one really cares about, I am SUPER happy to see In The Loop there for best adapted screenplay. Though if they don’t win I am going to go all Malcolm Tucker on my TV screen as if the Oscars actually mattered.

  49. ugh. i’m already too late to this party and not in the mood to read ALL OF THESE COMMENTS!
    I’m sure they are great though.

    • Start a loud argument with yourself about whether or not Up was good and you will have recreated 60% of the comments.

      • I haven’t read all the comments, but I disagree.

      • “UP SUX” – deadfor15years
        “UP IS TEH AWSUMEST!” – Secretly12
        “UP IS SEXISTS AND NOT GUD!” – VDentatas
        “Pixar has never really had a female lead. all their lady characters are given secondary roles at best. but they can definitely tell a mean story.” – ThatGummer
        “I think I read an NPR article about that” – Mr. Hausfrau
        “Who cares? THe oscars are just a means of distracting the populace from their real problems…
        like gays and heathcare!” – Televsionistheopiate
        “Well Thought out repsonse”
        “Ironic Statement!”
        “Angry Rebutal”
        “Comeback that skirts the line of hostility”
        “Spiralling out of control”
        “This movie is not good either!” “No! Your opinion is WRONG!” “THE OSCARS MATTER!” “IF AVATAR DOESN’T WIN BEST OF EVERYTHING I WILL KILL MYSELF!!!!!!”
        oops. too late.
        —-the end—–

  50. I feel sorry for all the lesser known films that have to compete with An Education.

  51. Man, the Up team are gonna get so confused if Up in the Air win:

    “The winner is Up…
    … In the Air…”

  52. Wait a second, what happened to The Hangover? Isn’t there like a best picture for comedy or a musical category?

  53. Wait, is the apocalypse a flood or a fire?

  54. Avatar should win because it is about so much more than the action scenes and romance. I think it would be really useful for people to see who think it’s okay to take things away from native people.

  55. So, what sort of bone do you think they’ll throw Tarantino this time?

    Original screenplay again? God I hope not.

    This movie DESERVES Best Picture more than anything.

    And if Christoph Waltz doesn’t win for Best Supporting, I will…I dunno. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that he will, so if he somehow doesn’t, I will be very confused.

  56. You’re not alone. Tarantino surely agrees. But really now, how can you skip along applauding behind that coked up, self-aggrandising egomaniac? He hasn’t stretched his talent, or produced memorable original material since Pulp Fiction.
    I think everybody is going to feel silly for arguing about all these trash movies once ‘A Prophet’ opens in the states. A different league. It’s up for best foreign film this year but think it’s maybe not out in US til later this month.

  57. Did you hear about the Morgans? They didn’t get nominated.

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