The new issue of Vanity Fair hit newsstands today, featuring its annual Annie “Skid Row” Liebowitz photographed ‘Hollywood Issue.’ This year: up-and-coming young ladies of all races and creeds. Just a glorious rainbow of womanhood. The neat thing about this photo is how INTERESTING everyone looks. Just very cool, very different. Anyway, this week’s Videogum Caption Contest is going to be a lot of fun I’m sure, because there are so many different characters to choose from! And each of them is so unique and different from the others in every way! If you click on the image above, you can see a bigger version of the cover, which will be useful in getting inside your characters’ heads. The winning caption will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, which is a veritable who’s who of Young Videogum.

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  1. “We all have pictures of black people in our wallets.”

    • As far as non-pictorial comments go, this is TBS? Very poignant (That’s how that goes right?) and cannot be topped, but kid, Michael Cera got this shit on John LOCKE (Also, how that goes, yes?).

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  4. “Are you kidding me? I was in fucking Mamma Mia. Scoot over.”

  5. Not pictured: Dark Skin.

  6. to be fair, there is a wide range of hair colors and styles in this photo. YAY, DIVERSITY!

  7. Malnourished: A Lifestyle. Why the ability to stand is over-rated, especially if you’re white and skinny

  8. The Wayans Brothers are at it again! Can you pick out which two they are in this new promo shot for the upcoming “White Chicks 2: Frown Harder”?

  9. Once again, everyone showed up empty-handed to the annual Skinny White Girls Potluck Picnic.

  10. “Fresh faces of 2010, coke problems of 2011″

  11. Village of the Damned reboot is a go!

  12. Where’s Tyra?

  13. America’s Next Top Spindly Pale Legs.

  14. our first look at the promotional material for april gaede’s new matchmaking service.

  15. And we killed all of the New Hollywood males. Who needs vampires and werewolves anyway? Amirite?!

  16. The Vanity Fair Teen Korner isn’t nearly as funny, nor does it contain any references to Xbox 360, snap bracelets, or rapping at me.

  17. Kristen: Does the word “wood” have to be printed across my crotch?

  18. A New Decade … A New Hollywood! 1965.

  19. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 1st, 2010 +43

    Topher set the camera down, scratched his chin and thought, “Hmmm…who first?”

  20. *blink*

  21. Can I just say I could forgive this photo if Michael Cera had been placed discretely in the background?

  22. Feed the Children.

  23. and if you ladies would just take a quick look to your right you’ll be able to see down the rabbit holes and straight to the briar patch.

  24. Oh cool I saw Lolita once too.

  25. Raging Wood: The Genius and Tragedy of the Billion Dollar Producer Who Tried to Lure Roman Polanski Back to the States

  26. Where da white women at? Oh, right. Everywhere

  27. The cast of the the much anticipated new Twilight Saga film: “Twilight: The College Years”( in which Bella goes to college and her everlasting love for Edward is put to the test by her new lesbian inclinations.)

  28. Vanity Unfair to Racial Diversity.

  29. The Lazy Casting Director’s Dart Board 2010

    • The saddest thing is that the only “star” there is Penelope Cruz; the rest is the cast of “Where are they now?” Which leads me to a possible caption:
      Spot the star.

  30. One of these lucky girls will be in a second movie!

  31. I’m all for diversity and everything but, seriously, what’s with the ginger?

  32. pictured: who?

  33. Raging what? Why was the bull angry? Robert De Who? Wasn’t he in Rocky and Bullwinkle?

  34. “While we all enjoy the NBC Late-Night controversy, it’s important to remember that there are real issues in the world, like drug abuse and malnourishment. These guys know what I’m talking about:”

  35. The Last Supper > Purge

  36. Hollywoods up and coming beards

  37. Immediately after the picture was taken, the group decided to use their new found wealth and fame for good, collectively pooling together money to donate to Haiti. Evan Rachel Wood’s phone was used to text in the charity donations. There was a typo, and while no money was sent to the Red Cross, Evan Rachel Wood now has 33 Crazy Frog ringtones.

  38. four blondes, three brunettes, and two redheads = diversity

  39. Pale She-Force

  40. University of Alabama – Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority Sisters, Class of 1996

  41. Evangeline Lilly: I’m too old for this shit.

  42. *crickets chirping**wind blowing**tumbleweed rolling*



  43. The Making of Raging Bull

  44. Post-Racial America: We Still Only See White People

  45. Almost too much pale, smoldering intensity for one gatefold magazine cover to contain.

  46. I just wanted to point out that this photo would’ve been a suitable replacement for the cover art on the last

    . Except that one had some boys in it. I think.

  47. 90 toes, 18 eyes, 9 mouths, and 1 collective dirty feeling for letting that casting director teabag you.

  48. Is that a hot dog you have there? If so, we are happy to see you.

  49. Do any Videogum photo buffs know what filter it is that Annie uses to make it look like none of her subjects were actually at the same photo shoot together?

  50. “Hitler May Be Dead, But His Wet Dream Lives On!”

  51. Morgan Freeman’s Agent- “hey Morgan I have some bad news. There is literally no-one to play your daughter in this new film. Hollywood has no young black actresses left”

  52. “Her?”

  53. In Post-Racial Hollywood, White is the new Obama

  54. ich bin ein weiße Schlampe

  55. Klanity Fair’s fresh faces of 2010: UNMASKED EDITION

  56. Okay, Who forgot to say “Cheese”?

  57. Steve Jobs has done it Again!

  58. comment contest aside, how is zoe saldana not on this list? or is she just not white enough for the cover?

  59. The Needy Girlfriend Experience

  60. Vanity Fart. Full pic NSFW? I dunno where you work

    • I don’t know what’s more shocking: that Perez Hilton is a Videogum commenter or that I routinely laugh at his posts.

      • Hmm? I was going for petulant outsider who has a permanent marker, their junior high yearbook and the mistaken impression that tearing down others is not only a healthy way to deal with their own insecurities but also sublimates their desperate need to be heard…so?success?

    • I am giving you an NEA grant to continue your important work. Forever.

  61. 29 feels older all the time… I think I only recognize 3 of them! Is there a Fanning in the picture? Is that Dakota on the left? I still feel like Amy Smart is a young new actress…

  62. chris matthews’ obama wet dream.

  63. A New Decade, A New Hollywood, An Old Standard of Beauty!

  64. Pictured: Twilight, Mama Mia, and friends.

  65. “For the British edition of this month’s Vanity Fair, the black actresses have been placed inside a suitcase (not pictured).”

  66. The 2010 Girls Next Door who won’t return your calls even though you let them use your math notes.

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  68. I like it. It’s got that “what a cruel world let’s toss ourselves in the abyss” type ambience.

  69. I just thought about this, in all seriousness, wheres the girl from Precious. She was definitely a break out star of 2010. I can’t imagine why they didn’t get in touch with her people.

  70. Cast of MTV’s new Icelandic Shore

  71. Such amazing work on the caption contest by everyone. I have nothing as good to add. Y’all killin’ it.

  72. “Vanity Fair does not care about black people.”
    - Taylor Swift

  73. “Don’t worry, none of us is sure who we’re sitting next to either.”

  74. anybody got sunscreen?

  75. From the Urban Outfitters Catalog of facial expressions.

  76. So…do you want to go to the Gap?

  77. “8 year olds, Dude. 8 year olds.”

  78. I don’t really have a reason to post this. I just thought this thread needed a picture of a black person, and Tavis Smiley is the best.

  79. Well. That wasn’t nearly that size when I posted it. Something really doesn’t want any black people on this post.


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  81. Kristen: “I don’t know who any of these other ‘stars’ are, so I’m going to make it obvious that I’m the most famous by taking up the most room.”

  82. DingDong. Woof. White Girls.

  83. the duggars got hott

  84. Trite with Whites Sat In

  85. “I watched Aviator last night so I want Kristen, Emma, and the dumb girl from Mean Girls to dress up like Katherine Hepburn and pose on a golf course in shorts and… wait who are these other six chicks? I only got three pairs of shorts and Hepburn socks, well I guess we can just give them some bland dresses and we will hide their feet so no one notices their lack of Hepburn socks.”

  86. I believe in Iceland that’s “smøösh”.

  87. Not pictured: Gabourey Sidibe (“Precious”)

  88. I honestly forgot for an hour today that the freshest faces of new hollywood were all white.

  89. what’s a bastille?

  90. Vanity Fair presents a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Sit-Ins by nine white women.

  91. What does a black woman have to do beyond staring in the biggest movie of all time, a renewal of the biggest Sci-Fi franchise of all time, and being very pretty/thin? Star in a Tyler Perry movie!!!

  92. “BURR BURR BURR.” – Napoleon Complex
    Also, “FART.”

  93. Kristen Stewart and Other People

  94. The elusive giant white anaconda uses its many eyes to entice its prey, into buying a shitty magazine.

  95. Introducing Summer 2010 clothing line of Bländ&Böring (it’s Icelandic, you see, and they’re all white, it works on so many levels)

    Down? ……………’s the red one.

  96. Photo taken mere feet away from the loneliest craft services table in H’wood.

  97. Scoff all you want, Carrie Mulligan (third from the left) is perfect. A+, would marry again, even if in this picture she does look like the slightly rebellious Fräulein of her Hitler youth troop who secretly listens to jazz records but feels ashamed of herself afterwards.

  98. “What am I doing in this photo? Because I don’t recognize any of these other bitches.”

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