What? It’s just actor Peter Stormare (Jurassic Park 2, The Big Lebowski, Armageddon, Minority Report) doing a “tribute” to the music of Jason Schwartzman. If anything this video is too normal. (Thanks for the tip, Max.)

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  1. Nightmares. For life.

  2. Did this win a Grammy last night?

  3. Alice Cooper’s younger brother Howard never got the attention he so deeply longed for… But he’d show them, oh yes… He’d make his own music one day…

  4. Peter Stormare might rule, actually.

  5. We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy, Part Seven.

  6. The official video is beautiful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTzEp4CeWT8 But this is something else.

    • Damn. I was really hoping that “official music video” was the explanation… now I just feel creepy and gross for watching what was probably thrown to Schwartzman in a backpack over his backyard fence.

  7. I love that he chose to make this video when he was still on the “almost knows all the words” stage. Good job mumbling your way through that lip sync.

  8. I’ll just be over here, patiently waiting for someone to make a gif of this video and set it as their avatar.

  9. Man, Professor Snape needs to stop taking whipits and playing with his macbook camera.

  10. This is what Autobahn could have been…

  11. lol? i feel very unsure as to how to react to this!

  12. Where’s the funny, Lebowski?

  13. Peter Stormare? More like Peter Emohair! Ammirite?!

  14. Oh my, yes. The may-fly pleasures of a mind at ease.

  15. There’s got to be a reason for this…

    Schwartzman and Stormare were in a movie called Spun from a few years back, but that just means they might know each other…

    Stormare’s a musician and released an album in 2002. No, still a little weird…

    He appeared on Tim & Eric. Yeah, sounds about right.

  16. I like him. Remember Cinco Boy?

  17. Peter Stormare was born Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm.
    Just saying.

    • For some reason, this makes me so, so mad. Who in their right mind would change their name from Rolf Storm?! That is seriously the best name.
      I guess we could all learn a little something from Rip Torn.

  18. How!? What? Why?



  19. I’m glad I was given the choice to watch this in 480p instead of 360p.

  20. Anyone surprised that Jason Schwartzman’s band doesn’t suck? I mean, I’m not going to Napster.com it for my Zune, but it was pleasant.

  21. I saw Peter Stormare years ago at a Lebowskifest and he had this look on his face the whole time of, “How is it possible life is this weird and good?” Because Peter Stormare, FOREVER.

  22. it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  23. “In Soviet Russia, Peter Stormare tributes YOU!” -Yakov Smirnoff

  24. he was so scary in Fargo.

  25. This is beautiful. Truly breathtaking.

  26. Peter Stormare, why must you take ALL the laughs and put them in one video? Please distribute them among many videos, so there will be some laughs left for my children, and my childrens’ children.

  27. I like to think Peter Stormare knows and loathes niche actor Jason Schwartzman for his indie-alt-pop-rock sense of artistic entitlement, and this video is a document of the perfect dis.

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