The new movie from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant looks pretty good. Let’s just consider this their apology for Ghost Town and Tooth Fairy.

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  1. The only words I understood in that were “Cemetary Junction” at the end.

  2. I think it’s Invention of Lying that warrants the apology.

    • there arent enough words to apologize for that. ghost town was a dumb little movie but the invention of lying was probably the least funny thing purporting to be funny that i have ever seen.

  3. Least intelligible video since, what, Friday? Needs more roller-skating shadrack.

  4. Because this trailer bored me, I’m gonna go Offtopicgum. Did you know that Ricky Gervais was in an 80′s band? Called “Seona Dancing”? How about a 80′s dance band movie spoof, Mr. Gervais? Cause that would be the besssssssssssst arrrrrrouuuund…..

  5. When they work together, it’s gold. When they work separately, it seems to be more up in the air. Therefore I am really looking forward to this.

  6. im as dorky midwestern as they come, and i’ve never spoken to a british person in my life, and i could understand them just fine.

    maybe you guys are early onset hearing lossgum

    • Same here (except I’m from the East coast), but I do watch a lot of British film/television, so that’s probably attuned my ear to the accent. Maybe the other monsters stick to American entertainment?

  7. Twonationsseparatedbyacommonlangugegum. Looks great. Everything Stephen Merchant says makes me laugh.

  8. What they were saying was irrelevant. “All the Young Dudes” is film shorthand for “This is a movie about disaffected teens.”

  9. “Let’s just consider this their apology for Ghost Town and Tooth Fairy.” You forgot the Invention of Lying.

  10. Maybe I’m missing the joke. Did Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have something to do with Tooth Fairy?

  11. Are Gervais and Merchant the British Happy Madison?

  12. I’m anticipating a Ricky Gervais backlash. I’ll collect the bets for when that will be.

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