This video was directed by Mariah Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon, who is clearly wilding out for the big Target account. That is how advertising works, right? You just copy a three-year-old ad campaign for a music video starring your wife, and then Connie Target is like “I’m disappointed in you, Don.” Whatever. I can’t hate on this video. IT ACTUALLY DRUMLINES!

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  1. I have no idea who Niki Minaj is but if her name is as suggestive as my filthy mind then we have a winner here. And a word of warning to anyone I might run into over the weekend, I will be working the phrase “Kawasaki T-Rex” in to every conversation.

  2. The commercialization of Mimi

  3. i dont think its appropriate for a 39-year-old woman to wear pigtails. ever.

  4. So much Illuminati symbology in the first two minutes, I alerted Vigilant Citizen

  5. The full headline actually reads: God Loves Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj; Alerts Copyright Holder To Prevent Video From Being Viewed By Snarky Videogum Monsters Who Will Inevitably Tear It Apart.

  6. aaaaand the Lord is 2 for 2 today.

  7. i was going to shut it off but then i thought, “what if i miss something?!”
    and i would have! mariah falling out of the box, playing with her gum, and this nicki girl rhyming “kleenex” with “v-necks”

  8. Wow. Nicki kills it. But that video was about 2 minutes too long. Mariah was pretty funny with her Kellz impression there, but overall she should have just sung a hook and let Minaj do her thing. The drumline at the end would have been cool if the track were shorter. Two thumbs up. Nick Cannon? More like Nick Canon the way he makes videos.

  9. Nick Cannon is like “remember that movie I was in that one time! Let’s do that again! No variations whatsoever!”

  10. That gum made me barf.

  11. -All Yahh Fuken People Are Sum Fuken Haters Talken Shyt like You Anyy Better!! and yah biches still here writing comment if you dont like da vid as much as you say so get da fuk outta here 4 reall imature ass people :)

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