Oh boy. The Westboro Baptist Church, best known for its charming and charismatic leader, Fred Phelps, and it’s welcoming and HOLY message that God Hates Fags, has decided that one of the ways to follow in the teachings of Jesus Christ and spread the gospel is to make an almost impossibly shitty parody music video condemning Lady Gaga called “God Hates Lady Gaga.” Woof. On the one hand, this song (after the jump) is despicable and misguided and entirely unnecessary and further proof that the Westboro Baptist Church is a bunch of assholes (as if anyone needed more proof? Their website is, for goodness sake. “I don’t know, I am just really on the fence about these guys. Do you have any proof to support your statement that they are hate mongers and human nightmares?” No one says that), on the other hand it is getting harder and harder to hate them because they are more and more laughable. Don’t get me wrong, you can hate something and laugh at it at the same time. But you know what I mean.

My favorite thing about this video/song is how clearly excited the lady singing it is to be in the spotlight. She almost certainly pitched this to Fred Phelps herself, like, “obviously the church needs to release a statement about Lady Gaga, duh, but the best way to do it would be with someone who can sing just as good as she can, you know? Beat her at her own game.” And Fred Phelps was like “do whatever you want, I’m busy. These Nazi trading cards aren’t going to put themselves in mylar sleeves.” (Via ONTD.)

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  1. God Hates Gags, too, Westboro Baptist, so you’ve just screwed yourself!

  2. Yup, that girl’s got the goods. I hope she breaks off from the church (which is obviously holding her back in terms of production budget) and drops a solo album.

  3. Sadly for the lady in this video, God Hates Hags.

  4. Also, I can’t wait to see what Madonna does after this! “Waitaminit, assholes! God hates ME, alright? Okay, Ricky, more blood on those crosses and let’s get these cameras rolling!”

  5. This message is offensive, but I think I’m more offended by the awful video effects. I mean, if you’re gonna cause unnecessary hate, you might as well do it well!

  6. I’m getting too old for this shit.

  7. Clearly, Eric Wareheim will do a video for ANYONE.

  8. I’m going to feel like such an idiot when I get to heaven and Jesus is sitting with this chick having a latte and I walk up to the table and try to sit down and jesus is all like “um, I don’t think so,” and I’m all like, “but I went to church every week and loved my fellow human and followed the example of your life,” and Jesus is like: “should have read the bible a little closer, dude, all I wanted was for someone to take down that bitch Lady Gaga,” and I’m all like: “awwwwwww.”

    • postscript:
      After dissing me, I imagine Jesus will probably turn to my gay friend that came to heaven with me and say something along the lines of: “and you? I fucking hate you, dude.”

  9. More proof that the autonomy of the local church is a good thing (for comedic effect only; nor for moral, ethical, or rational wholesomeness).

    I wonder what Sunday school curriculum WBC use?

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  11. It sounds like their interpretation of the Bible has God hating words with 4 letters… Fags, Lady Gaga… Bono and Cher had better watch out.

    Its explains why ‘ol Fred has everyone call him Frederico, but it doesn’t explain why he wears neon hot pants and owns a loft in the Castro district…

  12. Meh, I prefer the Lady Gaga is part of the Illuminati video. That message really struck home for me. The eye is watching you…. FOREVER!!

  13. Yikes indeed Westboro Baptist Church! Was that the twin towers around 1:30 in? The implication of course being that god didn’t like us building two giant phalluses so close to each other. We were basically poking him in the eye up there in heaven…with two giant phalluses.

  14. I wonder if Bin Laden prefers listening to The Fame or The Fame Monster when plotting his next attack?

  15. FYI, he doesn’t actually live in that flat. He’s just holding onto it for his next planned relapse. The 4th of July, I believe.

  16. my favorite part about this video is imagining lady gaga watching it and LOVING it.

  17. Haha, check out the Eastboro Baptist Church:

  18. “You’re the biggest fag, God will smite you down unless you love him!”

    (Also, can we please just stop talking about Westboro Baptist Church? Please?)

  19. So I guess God and I finally see eye-to-eye on something.

  20. These clowns came to my former college (to which I still live locally) a few months ago, I wanted to go witness the circus however they were protesting at 8:00am and God definitely hates waking up early.

  21. Someone should really tell this woman that her video would have been better received had it been shot in 3D. I really wanna see the bullet coming at me to blow my gay brains all over the place.

  22. I just went on the church’s home page, and this is what your striked with once you enter

    “Yes its true. You will burn in Hell.

    Who are we to say this you ask? We are a church that happens to know everything pertaining to God’s Wrath. If you disagree with us, then you are wrong, and you will go to Hell. Please read our Purpose”

    Keep it classy, haters.

  23. Are we sure these assholes aren’t just like a really terrible Improv Everywhere?

  24. Turns out they’ve done a handful of parody songs including a Paul Simon parody called “50 Ways to Eat Your Baby.” Thank god (no pun intended!) there is no video for that one.

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  26. Yeah, so Lady Gaga might not be my favorite artist of all time, but “Lady Gay Gay”? Really, Westboro Baptist Church? Did you poll some 4th-graders first to collect these hardcore zingers? Who’s next? Meg Ryan as Fag Ryan? Jason Bateman as Jason Satan?

    Am I satisfied with the number of question marks in this post? Yes? …. ?????

  27. Holy shit. This video was directed by Phil Thomas Katt, music video director to the stars, including Westboro and Mark Gormley

  28. Do we even care what God thinks anymore?

  29. Westboro Baptist Church is the Jeff Dunham of Christian Fundamentalism. The only reason they exist is because people look at them. They feed off the bad press. Always best to just ignore them.

  30. so….. the church likes the song? whatta buncha fags.

  31. meh meh meh meh.

  32. Putting on a pair of serious pants here: What happened to Christians believing that God loves everyone? Isn’t that their ‘thing’?

    • It’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, a big proportion of Christians put the idea of belonging to a special club ahead of actually living out the teachings of Jesus (love everyone, we’re all equal, dedicate yourself to helping others, etc.). Of course, those things are difficult, it requires a lot of effort to learn to appreciate and respect the diversity of God’s children around you. So for some Christians it’s easier to rationalize that only a select group of people require your focus, because then you don’t have to exert the effort to accept and respect others outside of your own narrow worldview. It’s our pre-civilization tribal nature to close ourselves off from others.

      That said, there are many Christian communities that are open to people from every background, every ethnicity, creed, philosophy, and sexuality. Sometimes it just takes some effort to seek them out.

      • Nowhere in the Bible is it written even if you like Jesus you can’t also be a major asshole – unfortunately. Rare miss, God. Should have been more clear on that one.

  33. They just make me want to vomit all over the place.

  34. Lady Gay-Gay? I’m guessing Westboro’s “insults” department is run by 5th-graders?

  35. How many times did she have to watch that Whore Face’s video to make this parody? What a sacrifice!


  36. this video only succeeded at getting the actual poker face chorus stuck in my head. geez, way to miss the mark, awful-people-hiding-behind-religion.

  37. Shades on for attitude!

  38. “What you do to the least of mine, you do also to me.”

    What a fag.

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