Between yesterday’s conspiracy, last week’s Muppets Take “Manhattan” mash-up, and now this, Jim Henson is just crushing it on the internet. His ghost has over 2,000 MySpace friends.

(via SlashFilm)

Maybe if this is what Cloverfield had actually been like, people would still care about it. Remember when Cloverfield was the number one movie in the country, but no one ever talks about it? If you want to have a conversation about Cloverfield (what? why?), you really have to jog people’s memories. You have to start with “it was a million years ago,” include something about “super gimmicky,” and end with “I don’t remember why I wanted to talk about this.”

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  1. I loved Cloverfield. It was new, innovative, turned heads… was marketed cleverly…..when it comes down to it…its JUST a monster movie (therefore, the buzz passed us quickly), but I wouldn’t say the lack of a conversation takes away from the enjoyment I had when seeing that in the theater

    Groverfield shit is hysterical though

  2. It couldn’t have been that innovative if people have forgotten about it as if it came out 10 years ago. Just sayin’.

    That, and only half the people who went to see it liked it, so I’m not exactly surprised that it faded away.

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