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  1. Q: Why did you have to die, Mr Salinger??

    A: Forever.

  2. Still not quite as moving as Gilbert Gottfried’s moving interpretation of “A Perfect Day for Bananafish.”

  3. i cry every goddamn time i see that movie.

  4. Man. Kristie Alley. Finger on the pulse, am I right?

  5. “Goodnight Cranberry head.”
    Kirstie Alley

  6. I will forever be grateful to J. D. Salinger for teaching me that great artists don’t necessarily have to be good people.

  7. Remember that one Cheers episode when Sammy was courting Rebecca and he offered her half of his sandwich, then that bitch gobbled the whole thing? Classic must see television….

    • oops….thought that some of you guys may have actually read some Sallinger and appreciated the mash-up…..My fault

  8. Gingers don’t have souls; that’s why they [we] hate poetry.

  9. I cried, too.

    We’re talking about the tweet, right?

  10. sad :( but is it wrong of me to think (a little greedily/excitedly) that maybe we’ll get some unpublished manuscripts unearthed now?

  11. Double whammy: J.D. Salinger dead, Kirstie Alley alive. But I guess this means people will still hound Kirstie Alley about rebooting Veronica’s Closet.

  12. best tweet i have read regarding his death: “J.D. Salinger sure didn’t want to see his books on the iPad!”

  13. im glad jj salinger was able to finish writing the last season of lost as his final gift to us.

  14. To my total surprise, I cried so hard when I heard this news, real talk. I had somehow completely blocked out the brief me-against-the-world misfit phase of my adolescence. But hearing of his death suddenly reminded me of all those composition books filled with zen koans i didn’t understand, ‘franny and zooey’ notes, and all my super-real really real feelings. Salinger is forever linked to that embarrassang, angsty teenaged me (whose pain was mostly ridiculous (but was real pain)). A perfect day for sadnessfish :(

  15. My Classical Mythology teacher told me this morning about J.D Salinger dying. It really did depress me. Salinger is my favorite author :/ I know it’s lame when people act like they actually knew the famous person that died, but his books mean a lot to me and I’m sad to hear about his death.

  16. (((((((((((())))))))))))

  17. Obviously Salinger’s death is very sad. But part of me hopes that it turns out that he didn’t write anything new in his reclusive state and just spent all his time watching professional poker.

  18. RIP JD Salinger. When I achieve my life goal of owning two puppies at once I’m naming one Franny and the other Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters.

  19. I loved the Catcher in the Rye, and just last week I was thinking of re-readig Franny and Zooey. RIP Mr. Salinger.

  20. i know that scene in dead poets society is supposed to be profound and heartfelt but i remember cracking up about how just before robin williams leaves, the main character is framed in between a pair of boys legs.

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