One of the coolest things** about the Sundance Film Festival is the celebrities! gifting suites! Excuse me, gifting chalets! MY APOLOGIES. The gifting chalets, of course, are where different companies give famous people free stuff that normal ugly poor people like you or I would have to buy in a store, where probably everyone is sweating and diseased and has never even been in a Pringles commercial when they were just starting out in the business. The point of giving celebrities free stuff is so that the celebrities will then be photographed wearing and/or using their products, and then children and/or idiots will be like “uh, clearly I need that.” It’s just a really neat system*** because if there is one thing that celebrities lack, it is spending money. Everyone wins! Normally, human beings don’t get to see behind the wizard’s curtain of the gifting chalet. But today, we bring you a supercool gallery full of just some of the neatest pictures you’ve ever seen of some incredibly fun companies who have set up shop in Park City, UT and the sarcasm in this run-on sentence might actually kill me. It is that powerful. Anyway: FEAST YOUR EYES, MORTALS!

*Not super neat.
**Not one of the coolest things.
***Not a really neat system.

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  1. Gabe, I think you forgot a **** after “supercool gallery”.

  2. Free stuff? That’s it, I’m becoming a celebrity.

  3. more like gifting sweet!!!

  4. So at the blackwater chalet I* get a free bodyguard detail, or all the war crimes and extra-legal maneuvers I can get my hands on?

    *Definitely not me

  5. Joke’s on you, ladies. Paul Giamatti’s skin looks AMAZING.

  6. I don’t get it…you’re supposed to put hot sauce and peppers in your Stella Artois? Or maybe the celebrities drink this super-secret elixir so they can remain relevant.

  7. Don’t be coy, Gabe! Let’s not pretend you don’t get free Top Of The Line Blogging Software at the beginning of every quarter, Sir Bloggy McBlogman.
    Also, politics/ethics of the issue aside, does Blackwater not seem like the coolest gig ever?

  8. I wonder where that very important celebrity got those free mom jeans. I need to know so I can buy them and be part of the super neat system.
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  9. It’s like they make these gift suites for JERKS.

  10. Giamatti was later spotted at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery gifting chalet


  12. Are there ROCKS in the Brita pitcher? W-w-w-wait a minute. The package didn’t say anything about ROCKS getting through the filter. I am going to write a stongly-worded letter to my Congressman.

  13. Speaking of Pringles.

  14. I am so confused about the F’n Hot Sauce (TM). I just picture myself there, craving some F’n Hot Sauce (TM) and assorted citrus condiments, without any way of getting them INTO MAH BELLEH.
    Poorly thought out, F’n Hot. Much like your name.

  15. Guys, it’s not worth it! They totally make YOU carry all that stuff back to your lodge/hotel/condo. Just remember: the more free stuff that you take, the more that you have to carry.

  16. Never have I felt so content with my life. Thank you, Gabe.

  17. I wonder how HP will fare now that they’ve entered the very competitive oversized-floor-marshmallow business.

  18. my five-year-old walked in as i clicked on picture 12 and asked “is that a pickle juice store?”

  19. Why is there hand sanitizer in the first Brita table???? Is it so celebrities can sanitize their herpes tounges before sampling water?

  20. Duh Aficionado tip of the year: Help Haiti by giving shoes to rich people! Not Haitians!

  21. Free things that cost regular people money? Rich people are different.

  22. *revision, if I may?
    “Free boots! Free boots! Help Haiti! Free Boots! NO SMOKING! DON’T YOU DARE SMOKE!”

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