Nevermind what Ricky Van Veen was doing on the Joey wikipedia page. There are certainly not going to be any judgments from me. But someone out there in Wikipedia land took the time to reveal the long-forgotten spinoff’s big secret:

The initial name of the show, “Let’s Talk Sandwiches”, was changed before the initial air date. This was a somewhat controversial decision as the majority of the pilot and subsequent episodes dealt with the eating, talking about, or eating and talking about sandwiches.
Joey (TV series) – Wikipedia

(Slightly) related: last night I ran across this confounding alternate title for The Talented Mr. Ripley on the pages of everyone involved with the film, on IMDB:

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) (screenplay)

… aka The Mysterious Yearning Secretive Sad Lonely Troubled Confused Loving Musical Gifted Intelligent Beautiful Tender Sensitive Haunted Passionate Talented Mr. Ripley (USA: complete title)


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  1. TK  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2008 0

    I think that’s a reference to the original trailers for the movie, in which all those words flashed on the screen between “The” and “Mr. Ripley” before it finally settled on “Talented”. But there’s no way that was ever a working title — this is just one of those cases of imdb users being ridiculously completist.

  2. oh boy, the only thing worse than the show joey is that working title.

  3. xari  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2008 0

    TK is right, except that all of those words are actually in the opening credits to the movie as well, which is probably why they’re technically considered an “alternate” title. Still pretty silly though.

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