As usual, some NSFW language, guys, so headphones UP!

Oh man. We are clearly watching the evolution of a human being. Although he continues to lash out at the world around him, the fight is now also turning inwards, as he struggles valiantly to deal with his personal demons: yelling and swearing. It is, of course, one of the classic narrative conflicts:

  • Man vs. Nature
  • Man vs. Man
  • Man vs. Self
  • Man vs. YouTube Commenters
  • Ginger vs. Self

The one thing that I do not understand about this video (because there is only ONE thing that I don’t understand, the rest makes so much sense, some might say TOO MUCH sense) is when he mentions the people who care about him, and support what he’s “trying to do here.” Huh? Wait, you’re trying to do something here? There is a purpose and a driving mission and a goal behind these videos? Fair enough! I can’t wait to figure out what it is!

Unfortunately, some of the commenters just don’t understand this:

Obviously, YouTube commenters are subhuman garbage goblins, and yet their reliable, incessant, and comprehensive efforts to point out what is gay, retarded, and fake in this world never fail to make me laugh. You got him dead to rights, vitality91.

Stay strong, CopperCab! And keep telling the Internet to stop teasing you! That is just a very strong strategy! (Thanks for the tip, Dylan.)

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  1. Speaking of YouTube, check out the new 100 Seconds with Gabe and Max, you guys! All about Lost.

  2. Ginger is just the N word a little mixed up. Just saying, agian.

  3. Fighting the internet is why DS3M doesn’t make videos of himself fighting the internet.

  4. “I’m trying not to yell…As much.”


  5. I like how he thought someone with the name “IShatOnU” would be both “better than that” and “have respect for others”.

    • “I thought you were different! I don’t know! Maybe it’s my fault for assuming your user name referred to definition 3 of ‘shat’ and definition 5 of ‘U’.”

  6. I’m glad he explained that yelling helps express his anger. I was a little unsure.

  7. I love the church bells in the background at one point. Clearly he did not cast the first throne.

  8. Man, this kids faces…Some of the best faces in the game. In a veeeery different way than January Jones.

  9. I cannot get behind this series of videos because I feel like this kid is trolling us all. I just don’t want to bother. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing and we’re playing into it. I guess it would be one thing if I found the videos amusing, but they just irritate me more than anything.

    • Well, I do laugh at it, but I get what you’re saying. We can laugh all day at Ginger Kid’s piteous and NSFW pleas for humanity and understanding, but nothing I’ve ever done anywhere, ever has gotten 50,000 views in 24 hours.

      You’re either very smart or very dumb, Ginger Kid.

    • I hope this is fake. it is SO sad (pathetic)… all the anger and yelling. glug. I really hope he doesn’t bring a gun to school and is gettng enough hugs.

  10. I’m a ginger, so I feel qualified to comment on this. Listen guy, you can’t wear black. It’s a basic ginger rule. We’re already pale enough and wearing black just makes it worse. Try a nice blue or green, it’ll go nicely with the hues of your hair and freckles.

    Also, try and stay positive. Old ladies will never stop loving your hair and at least we don’t live in England!

  11. So it’s not alright to call people gingers, but naming someone a “fucking retard” is? Gotcha.

  12. I know a chubby widdle ginger that needs to take a nappy-poo.

  13. This whole Ginger phenomenon reached its saturation point when I tuned in to my local radio show on the way to work this morning only to hear Dudley and Bob playing one of the clips and laughing about it.

  14. I think it’s time to reconsider choosing CopperCab as the GingerEverywhere spokesperson.

  15. I really want to hear “Lose Yourself” now for some reason.

  16. Fun Musical Fact: Zack de la Rocha originally wrote “People of the Sun” about this kid, not the plight of the Chiapas people and the Zapatista revolution as is commonly believed, way back on an Opposite Day in 1992.

    • As a fair skinned ginger lad, isn’t the sun his mortal enemy? So wouldn’t a more appropriate Rage song about this kid be “Know Your Enemy”?

      • That’s why I said he wrote it on an opposite day. Of course, having to explain it means I failed. Which is good to get all your failure out of the way for the day before 9AM. Is how I look at it.

  17. Angry gingers, exist, guys. My brother is an angry ginger. He does not like to be called a ginger, either, and I have the purple nurples to prove it.

  18. Awww, the Internet is tearing him apart. :(

  19. When he said “yo mama’s so fat when she sits around the house she really sits AROUND the house!” I was all like “lol.”

  20. Everybody get down! He’s got a video!

  21. This Coppercab’s best work to date…truly unapproachable.

  22. What exactly does “downgrading the fuck outta me” mean?

  23. Uuugh, he even writes like he talks. All in caps.

  24. Is anyone else legitimately afraid this kid might do something really, horribly, idiotically stupid in the future? I was a depressed, angsty little ginger troll myself when I was a 14 year old Asian boy, but not like this.

  25. Coppercab doesn’t care about what Ishatonu says so much that he’ll make a four and a half minute video about it. See! Don’t care!

  26. Can a parody of this be the next installment of Taking One for the Team, please? Pretty please?

  27. This guy needs to be writing speeches for Obama. Jack Bauer, I need you to get a chopper to his high school within the hour.

    “Joe Wilson, I just want you to know I saw your video…alright…I didn’t know you were a douchebag. I thought you were better than that, I thought you had… respect for others, alright…apparently I was WRONG!”

  28. if you start ishatonu’s video around 2:07 (after he shoots himself??), it’s actually fairly enjoyable. lots of love for this video. i hope this kid makes it to his twenties, so he can realize that popularity and decency in a middle school setting are complete opposites.

    • That’s not his work, he tacked on that bloke’s remix (who he references) at the end.

      The Ishatonu stuff is horribly unfunny. The guy with the mantitties is pretty funny though.

  29. This kid needs to learn not to take anyone seriously who doesn’t use capitalization and punctuation properly.

  30. There Will Be Videos. #sponsoredmoviequotes

  31. I am just so ready for his mom to like come into the shot and be all, “Son? Why are you out here talking to the camera all the time?” and for him to be all, “Moommmmm, I’m trying to defend my honor as a ginger kid to the Internets it’s serious business! Go back in the house! GOSH”

  32. needs more dip reviews.

  33. yeah, thats MY TIP. BOO YA

  34. I don’t know how to break this to Mr. Gabe, but everybody dies, even little Ginger boys; it’s inevitable. In fact, this Ginger may die preternaturally because Heaven needs him more than us, he encourages his own murder, or hypertension. Don’t think of it as a tragic end, but just another part of the life cycle; it’s just nature.

  35. I wish he could quit us. ):

  36. How old is this kid? I struggle with being both entertained and saddened by these videos. And I can totally relate because I used to use that “I GET ENOUGH OF THIS AT SCHOOL” defense against my brother, as a means of getting attention. Maybe he just needs attention? I wonder if there’s a way he could get his thoughts and ideas recorded and available to be viewed by the whole world… Some super computer genius should come up with something that can get your thoughts and ideas available to be viewed and experienced by the whole world. THE FUTURE!

  37. Relax ginger! Could be worse. You could be Scott P. Brown’s son.
    “This is my son… He’s a ginger… and yes, he’s also available”
    - Scott P. Brown

  38. Oh God… A vlogger picking a fight with other vlogger…
    Shouldn’t that be the worst?

  39. I realize now the image of old ladies shitting themselves over red hair sounds neither all that special (because of their oft-uncontrollable bowels) nor of particular appeal (because gross), but unless you’ve had an old lady shit herself because of your red hair you’ll never truly know the thrill.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, kiddo, is that life gets SO much better.

  40. everytime he says Ishatonyou, I lose it. Really? You didn’t know someone who calls himself Ishatonyou was a douchebag? Really? I think as soon as he turns the camera off, he has a big snotty, chest-spasming sob fest. Also, the supreme irony of this to me is that this kid IS Cartman.

  41. How do you think his neighbors feel?

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