A high school attempted to recreate the College Humor half-court prank, but it did not go as planned. Mr. Branstrom is hereby designated an honorary “agent” of Videogum Everywhere.

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  1. They’re scrambling to come up with final four tix for the kid… Shouldn’t have used video documentation. Coulda kept the lie up for a lot longer…

  2. Don’t fuck with “The ‘Storm”

  3. What the Daily What?!

  4. Pranks are the worst.

  5. He would have missed if it wasn’t a prank.

  6. why is that person walking around on bouncy sticks?

  7. Since this is likely the closest thing to a sports post for a while, I am gonna repurpose the comment section here to ask this – Anyone else see homeboy from the saints’ hair?


  8. So the original prank was that they told the guy he won $500K but then he didn’t? Because that’s fucking awful.

    • yeah, it’s part of an on-going “prank war” though. so he can’t be too mad because he wants to be involved in it.

    • You really need to watch the original Prank Wars videos. They start off reasonably harmless, but it’s been escalating pretty fast. I predict that in my lifetime, a Prank War video will end in murder.

  9. If that guy didn’t know it was a prank going in, I really hope he gets those tickets somehow. Hell, I hope he gets those tickets anyway, because that was awesome. And I don’t even like sports. But I don’t like pranks even more. Pranks really are the worst.

  10. mannnnnn look at all those kids chewing gum in the background. gum was a big deal at my school! in middle school, i got caught and got detention, but it fell on the same day as the nj academic bowl championships. i got it moved, because the school already bought me an embroidered polo shirt, and how could they deny me the chance to wear it? anyway there were some mix ups and i ended up appearing on the posted detention list 5 times over the next 2 weeks. everybody thought i was a fallen nerd and cool kids started talking to me, briefly.

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