I don’t know what it is about the Sundance Film Festival, which started last Thursday and runs through this coming Sunday, but man, that place is teeming with jerks. I mean, I know that this is ostensibly an important film festival dedicated to fostering the creative art of cinema, but at this point it’s hard to see it as anything other than a week long episode of Entourage. Oh, they have gifting chalets instead of gifting suites? Neat! And even if being a Vinny Chase is nothing but cocaine omelets and hanging out on Christian Audigier’s yacht on regular days, there is something about all the Vinny Chases (even the Vinny Chases whose work I actually enjoy) being in the same place for one week to hang out and drink champagne and get a million dollars that gets my blood aboil.

Don’t get me wrong, the second that I am invited to the Sundance Film Festival, I am going to ditch this injured nerd posture in a SECOND and join Mila Kunis in the Stussy Lounge. But for now, yuck, right you guys? What a bunch of jerks!

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  1. James Franco = Not a jerk. For the record, James AND Gabe can be my baby’s daddy. So that should make things a little better.

  2. No, you are the jerk.

  3. that shirt is for jerks.

  4. Highlight of the post: “No country for old JERKS.” You zinged em there Gabers

  5. Ha! Ben Affleck IS always hunting for a good jerk…

  6. robert redford could be the king of my jerk any day. what?

  7. looks like Jerkah Hill has had a few too many Sourdough Jerks from Jerk in the Box.

  8. Parker Posey dated one of my professors once. It was Jerktastic all around.

  9. I laughed hardest at the caption “Tom Arnold.” No jerk puns necessary!

  10. That boom mic operator is such a fucking asshole.

  11. I agree with Gabe. For once. I hate pictures of STARZ! at Sundance because they are usually toting about 5,000 bags of swag with them. It’s worse when it’s a celebrity I LIKE. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Getting bags of stuff you can afford for free is the American dream, right? I don’t know, because I’m not American. But I’m pretty sure free Sephora samples are the big draw here.

  12. $50 says James Cameron declares himself King of the Jerks after this year’s Oscars!

  13. i was expecting michelle williams’ caption to say something about her being the ex-wife of the late heath ledgerk.

  14. Dax Shepard + Zach Braff = mouth twins

  15. Don’t get me wrong, the second that I am invited to the Sundance Film Festival, I am going to ditch this injured nerd posture in a SECOND and join Mila Kunis in the Stussy Lounge.

    you realize all of these people were NOT invited right? most of the people that were never see that fuckin’ stussy lounge.

  16. man check that burly guy totally scoping ben’s fiiiine ass

  17. Jerk Hamm sounds like a delicious Caribbean treat.

  18. Jerk Hamm is looking good with that beard.

  19. I feel like there was a missed opportunity for some awful “Hamm Jerky” food pun, Gabe, but what do I know, I’m not Professor Puns over here.

    also, has Jesse Eisenjerk always been that attractive? I’m just saying that was a Very Nice Picture

  20. “Try our new Footlong Jerk!” – Subdance

  21. I’m pretty sure Crispin Glover was sejerkdated/jerkdated/sedatejerked before his photo was taken.

  22. Alright, I can’t be the only one who at first glance thought the photo of John C. Reilly was a photo of George Wendt.

  23. Gabe, did you just say you want Dakota Fanning inside you?

  24. Seriously, though, who let Tom Arnold in?

  25. sundance is awesome! I am here now actually. but we don’t hang out with celebrities. I’m hoping to spot Banksy though. . .

  26. Is that Jon Hamm’s “See? I’m totally not the character I play on television. I’m a HUMAN BEING.” beard? Not feeling it.

  27. no one has made a jerk-dance joke? im not intelligent and/or witty enough, but c’mon guys!

  28. So this just happened–

    Me: [Laughing.]

    My wife: What’s so funny?

    Me: Um, Tom Arnold.

    My wife: Please get off the computer.

  29. Speaking of Dakota Fanning, what was she doing at the
    40th Annual NAACP Image Awards?

    (I like to pull that page up every couple days so that the IT guys who scan our browser caches will think I’m black and be afraid to mess with me.)

  30. Don’t make fun of Parker Posey; she’s a juror and she’ll downvote your movies.

  31. The Jerk of all Jerks?

  32. Why is it called Sundance when it is so cold?

  33. I jerked so hard to these photos…

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