The dinosaurs apparently aren’t the only huge, powerful things that are INCREDIBLY LIFELIKE. (Huh?) (Yuck.) (Via @vultureblog.)

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  1. Speaking of hilarious fanfic, Yoda drinks tequila.

  2. Ross Geller would totes eat that shit up.

    …Anyone get that? Yes? Then why aren’t you laughing?

  3. Clever girl…


    “Ellie watched helplessly, helpless tears falling down her helpless face, and she noticed that unless Grant cried from his crotch, he was having a very different reaction.”

    The rest is just… I’m speechless.

  5. I found this link way more entertaining and *slightly* less creepy, if only for the pictures

  6. ” “GRKHLONNGGGGHKGFLFGLGLUMMMPH!!!!” Joffrey whispered seductively as he continued to work his magic on her with his mouth parts, delicately teasing her harsh, sandpaper-like clitoris as he did so.”

    I dunno you guys, this just might be my grad quote.

  7. Jeff Goldblum.

  8. I thought this sort of thing died out in the Clitaceous period.


    (I promise it’s related. Just read to the end.)

  10. Damn you, Gabe! I thought this would be fun to check out and participate in but my Lady T-Rex turned out to be a TRANNYosaurus, and now I’ve got to pick up ointment for all these dinoSORES!

  11. Why would you subject me to such horrors, Gabe? WHY?

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