If there is one thing that I learned in my high school law class*, it is that there is no statute of limitations on KILLING IT with an awesome classic rock theme song for Event Horizon. That movie (which I watched again as recently as one month ago) is as scary as its CGI is outdated and terrible-looking. Very scary! And this song is equally scary–SCARY GREAT. (Via BuzzFeed.)

*I really did have a law class in high school. It was a requirement. What kind of crazy high school did I go to, doctor?

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  1. Corn Mo really makes this song for me.

  2. You have been posting some ace music videos lately Gabe, but this is abso the ace-est of em’ all.

  3. “Where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see how awesome this is.”

  4. I saw Corn Mo open for Ben Folds a few years ago and needless to say Corn Mo was the second best performance of the night.

  5. I wish I could comment but my mind was obliterated around the 0m55s mark, when Al from Home Improvement duplicated and blurred out his own mind.

  6. I had a law class at my high school, but it wasn’t compulsory and I didn’t take it. The first day of Grade 10, a new kid took a gavel and broke a window. Why did they have gavels? I guess that was part of the class. True story!

  7. Gabe, how did you get this video? My husband decided to make this for me because I am an Event Horizon superfan. He got together with his buddies and made this video so we’d have a new video to make love to (besides Event Horizon).

  8. Corn Mo’s song TIMECOP is equally outstanding.

  9. I’m pretty sure these guys live next door to my apartment.

  10. i immediately assumed that this song was written/performed with some level of irony. then I saw the lead singer’s hair and beard and realized that wasn’t the case at all. Cheers to you, good sirs.

  11. I didn’t recognize Corn Mo with dark hair and a beard. He had blonde hair and mutton chops when I saw him live.

  12. Corn Mo and .357 Lover can ALWAYS be relied upon for a solid kick-ass rock song (or a solid kick-ass polka). This time is no different.

  13. Wasn’t he in Silver Bullet with Corey Haim?

  14. Every Sam Neill movie needs an awesome theme song like this. Just imagine what these guys could do for The Horse Whisperer!`

  15. I took a law class in high school as well. Our final exam was to write the constitution from memory onto blank sheets of paper.

  16. Love the look on the guy’s face at 2:08. I’m pretty sure they kidnapped him and made him play for this video.

  17. If I could bottle this mojo, the possibilities would be endless…

  18. I had law classes, plus a mini court room dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsburg in my high school. You only had to take law classes (plural!) if you were in the Law house (like Hogwarts but lame).

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