Cyrus trailer, you guys:

This looks kind of like an art house Step Brothers, and that is good news, because Step Brothers was great. I didn’t see Step Brothers until it had already been on DVD for awhile, because I feel like I had heard that it wasn’t very good. Whoops! Why was everyone being so weird about Step Brothers? Is it because the movie was TOO FUNNY? That is the only explanation I can find for why everyone was being so weird about how good Step Brothers is. Anyway, Cyrus, you guys. I am on board.

FUN FACT: it was directed by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, and Mark Duplass is also on the TV show The League. You should bust that one out the next time you are at a party, because everyone loves trivia. “Hey, did you know that the co-director of a low budget comedy that is not in theaters yet but did just premiere at Sundance, although you probably haven’t seen the trailer because it’s not really getting a lot of airtime, starring John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, Marissa Tomei, and Catherine Keener, is also a cast member of the new, little-known, but popular among comedy nerds FX Thursday night comedy series The League?” You will definitely get invited to a lot more parties, for sure.

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  1. I’m sorry, it’s just–I’m sorry, I’m sure this film will be great and all, but I saw the title of this movie and thought it was a documentary on Miley Cyrus where she’d sing “Boats and Hos” and now I’m just weirded out and disappointed. IT’S NOT YOU, movie. It’s me. I’m sure you’re high-larious.

  2. Wow, “Home” is popping up a lot on tv now.

  3. Yeah, but how do you get invited to the first party to even say that?

  4. I am with you on Step Brothers, Gabe. I loved it and anybody who disagrees with me I will hold down and force them to lick white dog shit.

    • i saw it in the theaters and i was laughing so hard i couldn’t breathe. my friends were really embarrassed :(

    • I still remember the first time I saw white dog shit. I was 5 or 6. I didn’t understand it. White?

    • I’m torn on Step Brothers. On one hand, sitting through the first half of the movie was horrible. On the other, it was SO HORRIBLE that I didn’t end up wasting my time on the second half. So that’s something.

  5. Step Brothers 2: Dad-Brothers?

  6. I’m still holding my breath for the Steve Brule movie.

  7. Another fun fact: the original title of this film was Bieber.

  8. Gabe just described most of my social interactions. MOMENT OF CLARITY! Yikes.

  9. John C. Reilly always puts loads of :) s on my face. A million :) s at once, sometimes, which is really difficult to do.

  10. John C Reilly? Oh someone should cast him in a role where he gets to play an awkward, ugly moron. That would be rad, to see him stretch like that. Just imagine: Reilly as a lovable idiot, but blessed with a face like a slapped ass. Just imagine the comedy GOLD that could be spun out of just such a BOLD casting move!

  11. I’m sorry, but you can’t have Miike Snow AND Dave Brubeck tracks in the same trailer. There are rules!

  12. It’s about time the Duplass brothers were allowed to work with real actors and a budget. Puffy Chair was the shit, Baghead was not the worst and this looks killer.

  13. I just recently watched two movies by the Duplass brothers: Baghead and The Puffy Chair. Both are fun little indie films (Baghead a horror comedy and The Puffy Chair a road-trip romance) that are definitely worth checking out.

  14. you guys should check out “Humpday” which stars mark duplass…. its his best movie i think.
    this wikipedia plot description basically tells you what youre getting into:

    Two heterosexual male friends Ben (Duplass) and Andrew (Leonard) meet after having not seen each other for 10 years. During a wild party, they find themselves locked in a “mutual dare” situation engaging to make a gay pornography film.

  15. This looks Great.
    Ms. Tomei seems to be a much happier individual in this trailer, as opposed to the wrestler.
    Happier Tomeis=Happier Audiences (Fact)

  16. I hope this isn’t one of those comedy-non-comedies where they’re more interested in art film cred than laughs. Also – Step Brothers is amazing.

  17. Agreed. Humpday is GreatDay (what?).

  18. Weirdly, I already know a lot of Duplass trivia. I used to watch their short films online (check out “Scrapple”! So funny), and the Puffy Chair and Baghead are good full-lengths by them. Also, I used to listen to a band that Mark Duplass was in called Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! They had one album, and it was my jam in like 2005. Yay for useless knowledge that is too obscure to even be a question in Trivial Pursuit.

  19. I’m confused — how old is Jonah Hill supposed to be in the film? Because he is 48 years old.

  20. john c reily: the rich man’s will ferrell (if the rich man actually liked ferrell to begin with, and if he is that confused upstairs then he probably isnt a rich man. its a paradox, or something.)

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