At Sundance this week, Spike Jonze is premiering a 30-minute short film about robots in love that he made in a partnership with Absolut vodka. Between this and the Zach ads, you have to admit that Absolut is one of the cooler vodkas out there. (Can I have some money now, Absolut?!)

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  1. Nightmares. What is up with Swedish vodka and robots though?

  2. I enjoyed the plug-fucking in the earhole.

  3. please, gabe. the correct pronunciation is vokka.

  4. Well, all right. But my doctor and my liver will not be pleased to hear about this.

  5. Well, that’s been done before! Barney Stinson should be getting a pretty (tiny) royalty check for the idea. “My circuitry’s been hacked! Toaster oven, you’re the one for me!”

  6. well, i know one robot that would likely tell us that drinking is not cool! (because, you know, jesus didn’t drink! he turned water into.. other, different water!)

  7. ah sundance and its “hidden” advertising. the year my short was in, our section had a film paid for by eBay, as well as isabella rossellini’s green porno shorts that ended up on the sundance channel.
    independent filmmaking!!!

  8. Shouldn’t this be “You Guys, We Should Drink More Vodka: Part 5?”

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