You are just sad. Why don’t you get your own thing instead of biting off of other artists? You are the Carlos Mencia of dogs. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. Keyboard Dogs? What next? Keyboard Gingers?

    • While we let our guard down, helpless to the biting wit of Carrot Top, singer/songwriter Tori Amos emerged. Keyboard gingers? Don’t you understand brother? We have already lost. We lost long ago.

      • Would it be too much to ask for this to make it into monsters ball this week…? Either way, you have brightened my day, sir. Well played!

  2. He can’t be the Carlos Mencia of dogs… I chuckled when I watched that video…

  3. I think this a secret advertisement for snuggies for dogs

  4. His body frame is more George Lopez, though.

  5. Pugs are inherently hilarious. This wins.

  6. So that dog is not really the breed he pretends to be?

  7. That dog is trying too hard. Keyboard cat just had it.

  8. You foolish dog! You will never get an awwww or a laugh from me!
    Plus, keyboard cat had Nora, the cat pianist, to look up to. Whatcha got?

  9. I have no trouble believing that a dog could spray seltzer into a glass and then drink it out of a straw, but I do not believe a dog could play the keyboard.

  10. I’m trying to come up with a ‘beaner’ joke, but all I can seem to think about is that joke he made about Katrina. This cute dog never told that joke.

  11. For the record, if i were ever to hold a concert featuring all keyboard playing animals, Keyboard Duck would always have top BILLing.

  12. Someone needs to make a video of Keyboard Dog being played off by Keyboard Cat.

  13. Yes, some animal videos! This is what we, as a community, need. I feel so alive right now.

  14. If that dog is the Carlos Mencia of dogs, then it’s probably only half dog and going to extreme lengths to capitalize on his doggyness.

  15. Boston Terriers rule. Pugs drool.

  16. Punch the keys for God’s sake!

  17. I bet he does a mean spaghetti dog.

  18. I totally respect Gabe’s right to be outraged by this (this is America! land of the free). However… I don’t know. This seems more like homage/parody to me than theft. It’s not like the li’l pug tried to pass this off as his own.

    So, I guess my point is… Carlos Mencia sucks more than this dog.

  19. What’s next Harp Squid?! Am I doing it okay? Did I do that right?

  20. Other things I believe a dog could do before it could play a keyboard:
    Play basketball

    Play baseball

    Play football

    Play volleyball

    Play soccer

    Play with a kangaroo

  21. At least Keyboard Dog looks happy, like he is doing something he loves. Keyboard Cat looks jaded and bored with his internet fame.

    Keyboard Dog > Keyboard Cat.

  22. Keyboard Cat is DEAD, Emilio. DEAD!

    Goodnight, sweet prince.

  23. Gabe has obviously never been to dueling pianos night at the animal shelter!

  24. It’s hard to be mad at a pug for anything, including being unoriginal.

  25. owl city of dogs.

    • this is maybe a comment that is more Stereogum than Videogum. i say that because your upvotes should be so much higher than they are.

  26. Little smush face, all happy. It’s not the dogs fault! It was his producers! He was set up to fail from the jump!

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