He’s back, and he has a message for the haterz. NSFW language, guys, so headphones UP.

You (still) mad! My favorite thing* about these videos is that I haven’t really seen any of the things that he’s responding to, so I just have to imagine them, and they are always hilarious. Like, based on this video, someone told him that he was not allowed to make any more videos because he did not have the legal right to make videos, because of the FACT that people with red hair have no rights. And at first he got a little worried, but then he Googled “law” and figured out what was what. He would like to see you try to stop him from making videos in a court of American Law. OBJECTION! And I hope you are listening, black, Mexican, and Chinese people. You have had a free ride for too long. It is time to stop your subjugation of people who are different than you. ERACISM! BUT FOR HAIR COLOR!

*My least favorite thing about these videos is that this kid seems to be having a genuinely hard time of it, which is always sad news, because being a kid is hard enough as it is without people on YouTube calling you a faggot because of your hair color (?) or whatever. And I hope that things get better for him soon. That being said, aren’t kids supposed to be really computer savvy? And as such, shouldn’t he realize that posting videos on YouTube asking people to stop being mean to you is literally the single best way in the history of ways to have people keep being so so mean 2 u 4ever?

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  1. That’s not very Christian language coming out of that churchgoer.

  2. if i knew where this kid lived, i’d give him a joint, a replacements record, and some old school nudie mags and tell him to lay low on the internet for a while.

    • He should go watch some South Park and have himself a laugh.

    • Re: the “least favorite thing about these videos” part — these do make me feel bad for him, although I think he will eventually be able to convince himself that he was baiting the haters on purpose or something? But yes: the only thing he could do to make things worse for himself would be to film these while he’s wearing a t-shirt in a public pool.
      STAY DOWN.

  3. I like how he says “I think that’s about all I have to say” and we’re not even at the halfway mark.

  4. I like that a dog barks and he says “fuck you.” That dog hates gingers.

  5. I need to tell my actor friends that I have a new monologue for them to audition with. I wonder if they can get the emotion right in the “All right, broskis?” line.

  6. “I’LL MAKE VIDEOS” – Someone really needs to run with that as some type of slogan

  7. People that don’t blink scare me. 3 solid minutes of eye contact with no blinks. Terrifying.

  8. Ishatonyou? He should team up with fingermyshitter.


  9. God bless the FUSA.

  10. Fake! (I’m serious)

  11. I appreciate that he took time out from cleaning out the garage (?) to make this video.

  12. Rosa Parks got nothing on you, bro.

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  14. It ain’t easy being white
    It ain’t easy being brown

    It ain’t easy being a ginger just doesn’t have a ring to it

  15. Nothing screams, I Don’t Care, like screaming “I DON’T CARE”

  16. Just another gingerballs heading to a dick meeting.

  17. That might be the angriest anyone has used the term “broskies”.

  18. Get this straight, Broskis, he’ll make videos wherever* he wants, whenever** he wants.

    *in the alley behind his house
    **right after school while his parents are still at work

  19. when he “shats” on people does that “shat” contain cinnamon and/or glitter?

  20. Isn’t it about time that one of found his parents just to make sure they know what’s going on? I mean I’m starting to get worried for the kid. If he get’s any angrier I think he’ll explode. I mean he’s got the right colour of hair for it.


  22. I see you too, ginger boy.

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  24. Wow that Ginger is feisty.

  25. how did that chris rock bit go? there are two types of red-headed people in this world: there are redheads, and then there are gingers?

  26. O’Doyle Rules!

  27. honestly, my first reaction to this video was that i’d love to see daniel day-lewis play this guy.

    from director jim sheridan comes youtube: the movie. starring daniel day-lewis as youtube.

  28. I love how all his videos are exactly 3 minutes long. OCD ginger?

  29. So if Nic Cage played Ron Howard in a biopic, would that sort of be like blackface?

  30. I really want him to win this one. I wish all the kids at school will stop using the word ‘ginger’ and be like “yeah I saw the video and he doesn’t care, I mean he just DOESN’T CARE, so let me just stop trollin’ on him”

  31. the earnestness in his his voice when he says “i shat on you” for the first time is the best. and so is the idea that any youtube user named “ishatonyou” could ever make valid points.

  32. Ginger Snaps 3: Avenge the Haterz

  33. Can someone please make 0:12 their avatar? I would, but I’m too technologically challenged*


  34. It is unfortunate that this individual felt the need to make this thing, but, at the same time, he’s probably putting up with a lot of shit about something he can’t control. Sure, he may be an idiot. I mean, clearly he’s an idiot. It hurts to take abuse for something which is completely uncontrollable. And while it’s funny to rip on people with red hair and call them gingers, it is an offensive thing for a person with red hair to hear.
    “It’s really gay and mostly used by faggots.” – South Park
    There’s no denying that what’s happening with this “Ginger” situation is prejudice. Worse, you are all guilty of perpetuating an awful situation and should probably feel shame. This video is funny and this kid is stupid but not because of his red hair.
    Also, your little footnote was nice damage control for your Jan. 18th “Ginger” post, Gabe.
    Real Talk.

    • Except no, “ginger” isn’t “offensive” the same way a racial/ethnic/sexist slur is offensive. I am sure that this kid is constantly teased at school because 1) other kids are jerks and 2) he reacts.

      Sure, as a little kid, people will call you carrot top, and in high school bitches you think are your friends will compare your appearance to that of Eric Stoltz in Mask, and as a grown lady revolting dudes will ask you if the carpet matches the curtains, and all these things are shitty. Still: no one’s denying me or my fellow gingers citizenship or suffrage based on the way our recessive genes express themselves.

      Obviously this kid has problems way beyond being teased about his hair color, and if I were his parent I would force him into therapy to make sure he didn’t one day bring a gun to school. But this “ginger is an offensive word,” not really.

      • It is offensive in exactly the same way as a racial slur. How is it not? Its a negative term based on a category of individuals which has been created in an attempt to label those people. Worse, its an uncontrollable characteristic which, obviously, isn’t associated with anything other than the negative connotations society has bestowed upon it.
        “Gingers don’t have souls but ginger isn’t an offensive word.” – Doesn’t work.

  35. I’m familiar with the plight of blacks in the united States, but I’ve never heard of the racial group wiandmexicans, nor the whitepeblaxanmexicans. Sounds like they have a rough go of it, too.

  36. The Ginger Revolution will not be televised, but we are in discussions to put the whole thing on the YouTubes. You have been warned. We won’t cower down.

  37. I get the feeling that this kid could get mad about anything, like if you told him that gingers shouldn’t be allowed to wear Cat in the Hat hats, he’d get all pissed and wear one in the next video.

  38. keep yo chin up Ginger. I’ll play Magic: The Gathering with you anytime.

  39. why must I cry why must I cry why

  40. Ginger is just the N word mixed up. Just saying.

  41. If your Internet sucks (mine does I guess) and the video pauses to load his soulless stare rattles me.

  42. “I DONT CARE!”

    This kid is the ginger Tommy Lee Jones!

  43. Posting on youtube is the new mum going to school to talk to your teacher

  44. I think that this is the comment he’s talking about :

    “dont make thiz videos mr redhead! u look stupid!!!?”

  45. One day Chuck Norris will avenge all gingers. You just wait and see…

  46. Listen kid we are all really upset your brother didn’t win Top Chef this season too, but Michael did kind of deserve it.

  47. “Michael, last time I checked it doesn’t take 3 minutes to take the trash out.”

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