This is just going to be weird for the sake of weird, but if you’re familiar with Sally Field’s heart-destroying “funeral speech” from the excellent and classic film Steel Magnolias, this YouTube video I just accidentally stumbled across while doing a search for the terms “Steel Magnolias Sally Field Monologue” will maybe amuse you:

I mean, it’s terrible, but it’s funny ’cause it’s a guy. (Only the second half of the original scene is on YouTube, which is just wrong because it’s seriously the best acting ever. Sally Field is the best.)


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  1. Hello Vlog-tor, I am a casting agent. A big one [I have several foreign autos and a Robert Deniro]. I troll youtube all day searching for talent. Can you play menopausal as well as you play grieving mother?

  2. Lindsay, I will give you this…you’ve got Gabe’s jargon and cadence down PERFECTLY

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