It comes as little surprise that so many of the quotes in this thing (which is great, btw, good, job, Lawnmower Man) come from Worst Movie nominees. And Nicolas Cage has a point, Hollywood, [hurting] us won’t bring back your goddamned honey.

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  1. This is well done and great and everything, but I strongly disagree with one entry. “Stop eating my sesame cake!” from Congo is brilliant.

  2. You can be my wing man any time space dementia.

  3. You had me at “hold on tight, spidermonkey.”

  4. point break, ghost, dirty dancing, roadhouse!!
    i am questioning my patrick swayze love in a big way

  5. Love means never having to say, “You’re sorry, but rubber lips are immune to your charms.”

    • I just witnessed the “It’s a hot dog!” scenes for the first time, and I have a whole new level of respect and amusement for your username & avatar. “WHAT DO WOMEN WANT?!?! IT’S A HOT DOG.”

      Needless to say, I also wish I could unwatch that entire movie.

  6. didn’t include my favorite Ahnold quip:

  7. Not nearly enough Bill Pullman.

  8. You eating my sesame cake won’t bring back your goddamn honey.

  9. So much overlap with my top 100 greatest movie quotes.

  10. The website is blocked by the totalitarian fascist regime for whom I slave. You win this time, The Man.

    Also,I forgot to nominate Congo for The Hunt. There was a girl at my school named Amy who wanted to kill herself after it came out. Um, great story.

  11. “I hate to disappoint you, but rubber lips are immune to your charms!”

    Gabe, are you absolutely CERTAIN we have to keep the “no superhero films” rule for The Worst Movie of All Time?

    • For real. If any superhero movie deserves a reprieve, it’s that one. 10% of those quotes were from Batman and Robin.

  12. They picked the wrong Steven Seagal quote –

  13. “Tonight we dine in Hell” is actually pretty much straight out of Plutarch. So not only is it one of the cheesiest movie quotes of all time, it may be one of the cheesiest quotes IN RECORDED HISTORY.

  14. The nerd in me appreciates that there were at least 10 quotes taken from the Star Wars prequels. Passive-aggressive attacks on George Lucas will never not be funny.

  15. Kung Fu won’t bring back your goddamn sesame cake!

  16. Love means never having to say “I know Kung Fu.”

  17. I absolutely lost my shit at “How about I take you home and eat your pussy.”

  18. You know the story behind that, right? John Barrowman ad-libbed that line to make the actress laugh, and the editor was like, “…Actually, let’s definitely leave that in. What the fuck, we’re making a movie called Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.”

  19. Battleship Earth and John Travolta will haunt my dreams.

  20. Ugh, that sex scene from Battlefield Earth was almost as gross at the one from City of Angels. Almost.

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