Brendan Fraser, the star of Bedazzled, was silent throughout the primary campaign, leading some to wonder (no one wondered this) whether he’d ever wield his powerful influence to help voters make their choice at the ballot box. Well, the bad news is that he continues to refuse to give America what it needs, the Brendan Fraser seal of approval. He does, however, make a clear decision on which candidate he’d rather be marooned with at the Earth’s core, because it’s both a realistic scenario and a super great way to promote his new movie, Journey to the Center of 1,100 Empty Movie Theaters:

Associated Press: [Who would you rather be marooned with at the Earth's core?] McCain or Obama?

Brendan Fraser: This has no political thing whatsoever, but I think I’d rather go with Obama. He seems like an interesting, sincere guy. So while we were starving and stuff, he could tell me things that I could relate to a little bit more generationally. … He’d have some good ideas on how to get out of there.

Oh movie stars. You can’t win. If you make a political endorsement, you are ridiculed for overstepping your role as a pop entertainer. If you couch your political endorsement in bet-hedging ham-handed responses to painfully inane questions, you get ridiculed. And if you’re Brendan Fraser you might as well not even leave the house because anything you say or do: ridiculed.

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  1. kevin  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2008 0

    Please never stop (dear god stop as soon as you can) explaining your sarcasm in parenthesis

  2. please never stop (dear god stop now) explaining your sarcasm in parenthesis

  3. me  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2008 0

    i love b.fraser’s hairpiece.

  4. i think you are wrong about this movie – it wil do well at the box office becuase stay at home mommies need something to do with their kids whle on summer vacation

  5. How do you even get marooned in center of the ‘earth’s core’? Do you dig a tunnel to China and just give up half way there? I don’t get it, AP.

  6. oh wait, sorry, that’s what they do in the movie. whatever i still don’t get it.

  7. He got asked this same type of question during the 2000 Election when prompted “Which one of the two candidates would you rather Blast from the Past? (nullus?)(did I use that right or am i a homophobe?)”

  8. (I love parenthetical sarcasm)

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