They are back! Our old pals! Well, some of them. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and newcomer The League have both gone on hiatus, although the Dick Towel is now available in “black.” And there was no The Office last night, but instead there were two 30 Rocks? Program scheduling is hard! You guys, isn’t it crazy how the same network that is responsible for some of the best comedy programming available today is also responsible for the late night melt-down? Not really, probably. If you think about it, it probably makes total sense. Anyway, I am not going to lie to you: I only watched 30 Rock(s) last night. Later, I will watch Parks and Recreation and Community, you know, to TREAT myself. But 30 Rock was pretty great. Lots of good jokes. “Watch your mouth, she’s only 34-years-old!” Also the Gossip Girl scene when Jenna died of old age. LOLOL.

But just because I didn’t see the other shows doesn’t mean you guys can’t talk about them in the comments. That is what this is here for, doy.

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  1. That was the hottest three way ever I bet… Oh to be a fluff of cotton in THAT Body pillow, amirite?

  2. ?Kenneth, your haircut is disrespectful to lesbians!? – Tracy

    • I was surprised to learn Kenneth’s real age was over 40!

      • He has that Gabe-like crankiness about him in regards to certain things that belies his youthful appearance.

        ?Sir, I don?t mean to swear, but I am irritated right now.? Kenneth

      • well, than you are not good at 30 rock.
        he’s been working as a page for for [mumble] years
        he had his bird Sonny Crocket for 60 years
        he was in the Microwave video in what? the 50′s?
        he even showed up “old” in high def! wait…that was Pete. Kenneth was a muppet. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t age! OR he’s a mouth-backed spawn of the devil. Love ya’ Ken!

        • Last night Kenneth also proved himself to be completely incapable of operating a home computer, which I feel lent credibility to the ageless/timely theory.
          It was also comedy gold!
          Kenneth: “Search- OOPS! I just took my picture with that little camera thing.”
          Jack: “Kenneth!”
          Kenneth: “All right, I just need to erase that picture-WHOOPS! I just made it the desktop image! How’d I do that?!”
          “Email image to address book?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!”


      • I don’t think it was necessarily in reference to his real age – I always saw Kenneth as the opposite of a man-child (a child-man if you will) whereby he was young but had the sensibilities and ideals of a 90 year old.

        Certainly we all have a friend like this…

  3. i too saved community as a treat for later, but i saw parks, it was great. i wish will arnett was on one of those thursday night shows all the time.

    30 rock(s) was great too.

  4. Community was great, too. First Jack Black was kind of annoying me (as he usually does) but then they threw in the “adding a new member might throw everything off of its natural (credits) rhythm” joke and that was very funny.

    The Japanese body pillow joke on 30 Rock was amazing.

  5. Community KILLED last night – the MASH bits, Pierce’s ironic t-shirts and last but certainly not least – Senor Chang’s faked-death over winter break and subsequent entrance complete with Senor Chang rap song…Jack Black cameo was ok, though Owen Wilson cameo at the end was an extra nice save…oh, and Parks & Rec was really good too!

    Truth be told, I watched both of these before work this morning via DVR because the tail-end of Mythbusters gave way to this 2-hour documentary on Discovery called ’2 Weeks in Hell’ about how the Army selects Green Berets and whoa -intense!

  6. Oh my god, after looking at the picture again, how the hell did I not notice last night that James Franco was wearing her pajama top?! I’m just picturing the Franco ‘so good’ gif in my head right now.

  7. I love how Tina Fey seems to be obsessed with Madonna’s arms.

  8. I did a lot of lizzing last night, that’s for true.

  9. Liz captured the weekly frustration/hopes of the Monster’s Ball this week:

    “Why won?t they put me on the jumbotron? I?ve been doing cool stuff all game.” Liz Lemon

  10. Ron Swanson is my power animal.

  11. I want to find out who conceived the James-Franco-is-in-love-with-a-body-pillow idea, obtain their address, and then send them all of my money for the rest of my life. They deserve it.

    • The thing is, I don’t find it that ridiculous. I imagine all those actors that aren’t quite straight but probably not gay (George Clooney?) have some sort of paraphilia…like Troy McClure and his fish love. Or, y’know like to hump chairs and things. Plus, don’t Japaneese people do this ALL THE TIME? (see guy marrying computer character *for art*)…so what I’m saying is, sure it was HILARIOUS, but save your money. (for a body pillow of your own)

  12. Everybody!
    This is Liz.
    Liz Lemon.

  13. I was too tipsy to really remember 30 rock. so now I get to ENJOY IT ALL OVER AGAIN! alcohol is so great, you guys!

  14. Community was fantastic!!! The scene where the dean is at his desk trying on the dog mask was a fall back to the, “I hope this doesn’t awaken something in me” scene from a few episodes ago, correct?

  15. That Times article made it on air in no time. Great stuff!

  16. Project Runway started again last night too and i’m just like NOT ANOTHER THURSDAY SHOW! And they have tacked on that “Models of the Runway” crap after that you HAVE to watch as well to get the extra Juice! the Au Jus?
    My favorite line was, well, first off this dipshit broke a bed by jumping on it. Really adult man? and then they figured the skinniest bitch should sleep on that broken bed and then they start listing their weight?
    Bed breaker: “Well, I’m 180″
    Tiny Asian who put bath poufs on his design: “145″
    Guy who made hideous outfit but no one noticed: “I’m 152″
    Southern-Belle Anthony: “And I’m thirsty”
    Oh Anthony! Are you going to be my favorite? I think I need Soft Gabe to tell me how I feel about this *hint*

  17. “Make sure James Frando’s manager doesn’t screw her on this.”
    “TOO LATE…wait, what way did you mean that?”

  18. : “…time… to die”

    That was just as good as Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner!

    • I watched Blade Runner last week with a friend and somehow we started talking about 30 Rock. I mentioned how I loved all the hints about Kenneth being old/ageless, and he didn’t believe me! So, with the Blade Runner reference, and Kenneth being able to hear the 40-year-old noise, I am starting to think MLI30R.

  19. You go, girl!

  20. “I made this in your pottery class… and it sucks!” – parks and recreation was great last night.

  21. is anyone else out there watching archer?

    • I did! The writing is great! And so is the cast. Lucille Bluth, Aisha Tyler, etc etc.
      And I’m glad someone listened when I said that the dick towel was more racist than the Band-Aid.

    • We DVR’d it but with all the Jersey Shores and 30 Rocks and whatnot, we didn’t have time to watch it last night… Is it good?!

    • i watched it in the background while i was doing something else and i kept hearing really really funny stuff and thinking “i should be wathing this more closely.”

      “karate? the dane cook of martial arts?”
      “immigrants! they just drive around listening to raps and shooting all the jobs!”

  22. Very good all around. Best episode of Community in a while. Loved the Jack Black cameo. Very funny jokes came from that. Parks and Rec is also smashing it. Will Arnett was pretty good. 30 Rock was regular good with a lot of great one-liners. “Are you an ass scientist? Because your ass blah blah blah, you get the point.”

  23. Cue Alec Baldwin looking like he’s about to puke: “They’re called ‘Spanks’”

    Thank god my wife has them or I wouldn’t understand that joke at all!

  24. i feel terrible about this, but i have to admit that i spent all of parks and rec last night squinting at the TV and turning my head saying, “it is. isn’t it? it is…. justin theroux. no. it’s not….. him. maybe? it is. maybe i just think it’s him because his name is ‘justin’?”

    someone back me up, because what is up with his HAIR???????

  25. I did the opposite and watched Community and Parks & Rec, saving 30 Rock as a treat. Community and Parks & Rec were great, as usual.

    “Get your MRI and get out huh? I should have noticed you were missing a heart.”

    • Yeah, his hair looks like it’s been painted on with a sponge, or like one of those bald guys with the magnetic hair particles you move around with a magnet (anyone?). I just think his hairline is receding really badly, hence all the hats in recent photos. This is what he looked like 10 years ago:

  26. All the Will Arnett stuff was gold. When she’s all “He’s too good for you” and you’re all “No, man. Because they’re married.”
    IN REAL LIFE. Not TV land.

  27. James Franco:”You’re being such a non-pillow!!” :)

    It’s hard to believe that some of the best shows on T.V right now are on NBC, with all the crap that’s going on. Last night was pure gold.

  28. plus, dc pierson on community and dominic dierkes on parks and rec!! derrick comedy owned nbc!

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