Nick Nolte: No Exit trailer, you guys:

This looks pretty good, I guess. But the joys of watching a train wreck documentary in the first place are derived from being surprised by either a) a train wreck that had for so long been hidden from view (speaking of, have you guys read this yet? Yikes!) or b) reveling in how deep the train wreck hole goes. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like it’s going to be either of those things. I mean, we all know that Nick Nolte is a messssssssssssssssss. (Apparently he is also a geniussssssssss? Sure, documentary. Whatever you say, documentary.) So it is no surprise that he acts like one. But he’s also not quite a big enough mess. Where is the Gary Busey documentary that the world demands? NEEDS MORE BUSEY.

But we can certainly watch this while we wait.

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  1. sex, lies, insanity, coke….blah blah blah. All I want to know about is this

  2. Nick Nolte puts the cuckoo in cuckoo bananas.

  3. I with ‘I’m with Busey’ was available on DVD.

  4. Dr. Seuss on Nolte and Busey: “Running around . . . until no one knew whether this one was that one or that one was this one or which one was what one… or what one was who.” – The Sneetches

  5. You guys ever hear Patton Oswalt’s Nick Nolte impersonation? Ah hell, Chewbacca.. I can’t hear Nick Nolte anymore without thinking about it.

  6. True Fact: One time Nick Nolte was filming a movie in my small town and decided to come out to our high school battle of the bands. He stayed for a few hours, twirled this dog-headed cane he took from the set of the movie Northfork and swayed to the music of all our crappy high school punk bands. He also encouraged everyone that said hi to him to stick with music or go into glass-blowing.

    This was about 4 months before that mug shot. You know the one.

  7. hat needs more press pass.

  8. I just watched a train wreck documentary last night about these dancer people who had a 3 way sexxxx relationship/marriage thing which was all fine until two of them were eaten by a white tiger. For real. Everyone put Cat Dancers on their Netflix. It is possible to repeat “WTF?” over and over in your head for 72 minutes straight.

  9. The Busey/Nolte confusion is only slightly worse than the Tom sellick/Burt Reynolds confusion that I experienced for several years as a child. They were both everywhere! All mustaches look the same to me. Just call me mustache racist. Mustachist.

  10. This guy should stop ripping off Gary Busey.

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