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  1. Dave’s evisceration of NBC was a work of art.

  2. Leno’s letter is unbelievable; what an asshole.

  3. Here’s what Hitler has to say on the situation. Presumably they asked Oliver Stone for this.

  4. Jay considers his retirement from the Tonight Show a ‘forced death march’. Perfect choice of words!

  5. You may want to update the post, since the Leno letter was a fake. Though Lots Of Love since it is all true.

  6. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m tired of every commentator trying to remind me that Conan is a millionaire and that this isn’t as big a deal as, say, Haiti. Uh, duh; I’m not a baby, and I can define the word “prioritize.” But that is so beside the point. What NBC did was fucked up, and its terrible to see anyone’s dream come an abrupt and messy end. Its sad to thing that little Conan once sat on a couch watchin’ Carson, imagining himself sitting in that chair; it’s depressing to think of how excited he must have been to sign that contract, how much energy he probably put into crafting the franchise’s future. So, journalist collective, stop reminding me to care about other shit. I understand the gravity of this situation, or the lack thereof; but that doesn’t make Conan deserve my support any less.

  7. “Do you not get the whole denim shirt deal by now? Maybe I need to add a dirty bandana and start collecting antique bulldozers.”


    But in all seriousness you do not need to do those things, Jay Leno.

  8. I can’t help but think that this whole thing is a “clever” trick to boost ratings. It just doesn’t add up that NBC would allow Conan to talk this much shit without giving the censor something to do. Either that or the suits really are horrible at their jobs. Hurry up Comcast, save this sinking ship.

    • I thought the same thing. Seems a little odd for all of this to happen right before the Olympics…that I won’t watch either.

    • Fake. I can tell from from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a feuds in my time.

      Seriously, what? That would make this the worst “trick” of all time. “Hey, you know what would be a clever way to boost our ratings? Let’s convince everyone we’re incompetent and treat our talent like Crest White Strips (cause they’re disposable, right?).” I don’t buy the whole “any press is good press” bullshit, and I sure as hell don’t believe the stars involved would be content with playing along.

  9. I read it on the internet so it must be true! AMIRIGHT

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