One of the neatest things about your boyfriend is how he is so full of ideas. Like one time he made you a birthday card covered in razor blades, and you had to go to the hospital, but no one had ever given you a birthday card covered in razor blades before, and you’ll never forget the birthday card you got one time that was covered in razor blades. Or, like, you know how sometimes you’ll be in a group of people trying to figure out where to go for dinner and no one can make a decision? Your boyfriend will just be like, “We’re going dumpster diving behind the Pizza Hut, case closed.” Everyone loves him. Except employers. Your boyfriend has been having a really hard time getting a job lately. You’re not sure why. He’s qualified! As far as you can tell, there is absolutely nothing about your boyfriend, whom you love, and with whom you hope to spend the rest of your life, having ADVENTURES, that should keep him from getting a job. Who does Kinko’s think they are anyway?

He’s got a giant “Marry Me!” tattoo on his lower back, and even though he got it as an April Fool’s prank on his ex-girlfriend, you can’t help eyeing that thing sometimes and just saying “I wish.” (Via everywhere.)

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  1. Lasik surgery to get RID of your glasses is so 2009, mom. My boyfriend is CUTTING EDGE. And also will never be employed again, which is why we’re here at your doorstep with all our furniture.

  2. I just ran out of vomit

  3. He did it for me! Because we’ve been SEEING each other for so long! (Get it?!)

  4. See his T-shirt? All tattoos.

  5. How does he get glasses tattooed on his face but not complete the eyeglass arms that go behind his ears? They just stop at his hairline. Have some commitment to your art, dude.

  6. I think HE should host the Tonight Show. Probably.

  7. The glasses make him look kinda smart. For a jerk.

  8. Don’t be hatin’ on my bf he is so far in-front of the curve it is not even funny. Soon y’all will be going around with glasses tattooed on your face while he will be like “Pah” that was soo last year and meanwhile he will be adding the Kanye sunglasses tattoo to his face and you will all be like “why didn’t I think of that!”

  9. So what? I have contacts tattooed on my eyeballs.

  10. I’ve read things all day about this is fake, etc. but is it just me who thinks so what? Fair enough, it probably is fake, but even if it is this moron is still Your Boyfriend: the attention seeking ray-ban whore.

  11. My boyfriend’s condom tattoo is very convincing, and now I have the clap. But I still love him.

  12. Thanks for adding a touch of darkness to the grayness of life.

  13. I think this is a safer alternative to LASIK.

  14. You guys just don’t understand. This is what I talk about, when I talk about love.

  15. I just found out it’s an ad campaign for Ray-Ban. If this face tattoo guy isn’t real I don’t know what is. I don’t believe in anything anymore.

  16. Its a Ray Bans viral dudes.

  17. Word on the street (“street”) is that this is a viral ad by RayBan, and that the dude was paid. But you can’t buy class, or something, so you know.

  18. I can just imagine how he’ll look when he’s older and needs glasses. Imagine: old wrinkly skin glasses behind half-glasses. Such a catch.

  19. I didn’t see the tattoo artist take the needle out of sterile packaging, so this might end up being a Ray Bans infection video.

  20. This is not my boyfriend, because I am not this girl. This is an actual person’s boyfriend.

  21. Unrelated Side Note: I miss soft Gabe’s Glee recaps. Also? My name is Gabe. I wonder if I could have a tactile density attributed to me?

  22. actually, the skin he desecrated by getting the tattoo in the first place was also tattooed on, so it’s cool! it’s like a tattwo. tattoo cool.

  23. If only there was something you could put on your face that looked like glasses, but then you could take them off at the end of the day or when you don’t want to look like a douchebag. Oh right, they exist. They’re called glasses.

  24. Q: Is anything better than YouTube comments? A: No.

    “That shit would be cool if it didn’t look retarded……….I mean it has no glasses in the shades……..So its just the outline? FOREVER………Good luck getting a date.”

  25. The sad thing is that someone’s out there who hears “that’s your son,” and has to say “yes, yes it is.”

  26. Self-Potato also got a new tattoo.
    And I practiced my Paint skills.

  27. This guy better get used to hearing “booyakasha” from total strangers because he looks like a retarded Ali G.

  28. I really wish more tattooists would refuse to give dumb people tattoos on their face.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  29. There is always work at the carnival.

  30. Whenever I hear the song “My Heart Will Go On”, I think of him. It’s our song, we slow danced to it in the middle of a roller rink he broke into for me.

    It was so romantic.

  31. Maybe even sadder than our collective boyfriend is that I had to put on my glasses to read the post. I am older than several Gabes combined.

  32. This is NOT my boyfriend. My boyfriend has tape holding his glasses together in the middle.. so much more “retro”!

  33. Whatever …. These dudes tattooed their eyeballs in prison. THAT’s your ex boyfriend


  34. I’m guessing you’re Tattoo Glasses Guy

  35. internet spamming seems like a good career option for him

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