This is a momentary pause in our regular discussion of last night’s episode of Whose Mom Farted?, but everyone should text the word HAITI to 90999 to have $10 automatically donated to Red Cross relief efforts over there (donation is added to your phone bill, and it is legitimate). We better drumline, for real this time.

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  1. As an employee of the American Red Cross I highly support this method of doing your part. Currently I am getting numerous calls from people asking me to send them to Haiti. I only have so many Delta Skymiles points people. Everybody does not get to go to Haiti.

  2. Videogum Everywhere, But Especially Videogum Haiti.

  3. This $10 is probably better spent than the $10 I just spent buying both Star and In Touch magazines. OMG did you guys hear that Brangelina is breaking up because of Brad’s super secret phone calls with lonely Jen??

  4. For every $10 you donate Topher Grace will donate $12 since he’s just that kind of guy

  5. Just did it. Now, who’s mom farted? I fell asleep before it cam on.

  6. FYI, Canadians can’t donate to the Red Cross with this text info. But if you want to drumline North of the 49th, you can donate $5 to the Salvation Army by texting the word HAITI to 45678.

  7. Jackrabbit. I added a y in there. HATYI? HATE-ME.

  8. I know a guy who was stationed in Haiti as part of the UN peacekeeping mission a few years back and he has got some frightening stories about that place. He says he believes in voodoo now too. He was riding around in a humvee and some woman threw chicken blood on the hood and it made the engine die. No bullshit.

    • Now I’m really happy I donated.

    • Yea man: witches, curses, speaking in tongues, being possessed by the devil/demons, sacrificial rituals, etc. were some of the stories my cousin (stationed there in the 90′s) would tell. The most intriguing one was about an old witch (OLD!) who would stand outside of their tents all night cursing them and then tried to light their tent on fire. I can only imagine how fucking terrifying it is now with nearly everything decimated and people seriously thinking this is the Apocalypse.

  9. Done and done. And I just linked to the State Dept. page on my facebook because I’m apparently now that guy who uses his facebook for things other than Farmville and commenting on embarrassing drunk photos from last weekend.

  10. Thanks for posting this, Gabe. I chose this one:

  11. it’s also extremely easy to donate on the red cross’s website if you are interested in giving more than $10. it honestly takes only a minute.

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