Last night, TMZ reported that Jay Leno is already in talks to not only return to 11:30, but his show will be called The Tonight Show. Perfect. And this exists now, of course. Anyway, on last nights shows, everyone weighed in on the situation, including Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson, although Jimmy Kimmel was the clear winner of the evening for doing his entire show in a Jay Leno wig.

Check out Jay Leno! Speaking truth to power, huh? I think the best part about all of his jokes about being fired and/or canceled is how justifiably outraged they are. Conan’s monologue, which you can see here, had less of the outraged fire of the past couple of nights, most of which had been expended yesterday afternoon in Conan O’Brien’s Letter To NBC (hi, GOOGLE!), and was mostly kind of sad. Not pathetic sad, just human sad. It’s like Appollo 13 said: “life is like a box of disappointments.”

Anyway, it will be nice when we can all get back to our lives/trampoline accidents, and it is true that ultimately we are talking about multi-millionaires struggling to maintain their dominance (deserved or undeserved) in an antiquated entertainment format (the revolution will not have its roots in Vaudeville), but you have to admit, this is the most interesting late night television, or even just TELEVISION, has been in a long time! CONAN SHOT JR! (Montage video via Vulture.)

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  1. Is Conan O’Brien the one who plays Twilight in the Twilight Saga?

  2. Sorry to be late to the hair party. Just got my coco hair extensions, how do they look?
    Nice video mashup, but the highlight for me was watching Ferguson try to pronounce TRUTH. Was that awkward for anyone else?

    • As a Scottish (‘Scotch’) man, I find that offensive.

      I also find the way you pronounce Edinburgh (it is not Ed-in-borrow), Glasgow (It is Glas-goe not Glass-gow) offensive.

      Now, excuse me as I go wear a kilt, eat some haggis, be a little racist, and watch Braveheart.

      P.S Wae n shag yer maw ya doaty cunt.

  3. I wonder how long Leno would have lasted if Johnny Carson had just moved to 10pm…

  4. Craig’s line won the bunch.
    “‘So you never want to work for NBC again?’ NO! They’re Lying Rat Bastards!”

  5. I’m just glad I live in a time and place where the Drew Carey’s boss/puppet monologue millionaire can call the NBC ubermillionaires who are still ubermillionaires despite really sucking at their jobs lying rat bastards on television. It makes the ramen in the freezing closet I call my apartment taste good.

  6. Can someone call Obama and tell him what’s going on at NBC?

  7. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is angry about the idea of this happening to Conan, while few are lamenting the prospect of actually not being able to watch Conan? I’m in that camp too and have to admit that while I love the idea of Conan and hate the idea of Jay, this move isn’t exactly going to disrupt my 10pm-1am life.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much it for me.

      • More than anything I think that speaks to the fact that Conan is a little too new school for the Tonight Show anyway. Which is fine. I liked Carson as well as the next 8 year old who is just thrilled to be up late, but he doesn’t belong to me. On the other hand, I clearly remember Conan’s late night debut. Not only that, he was a writer for the Simpsons, another show that I feel belongs to my generation. In other words, for better or worse, Conan wasn’t the best fit for the Tonight Show anyway. As has been observed many monsters–I love Conan and all, but Stewart/Colbert own my 11 – 12. And unfortunately, I’m old now so that is pretty much as late as it gets on a “school night”. Whattrugunnado?

    • I don’t think that anyone doubts that Conan will still be around, the issue is just at what time and on which network, so there is no real concern that he will be gone.

      Though, yeah, I also think that Conan fans (including me) far outnumber Conan viewers (not including me).

  8. i wish Norton/Carolla would have snuck in a little Leno burn last night in that weak Chelsea Lately panel ripoff….they looked wildly uncomfortable.

  9. I tuned into Jimmy Kimmel by chance and absolutely died. He was delivering obvious punchlines (followed by self-satisfied laughter) all night long. He even did headlines! Hahaha. Horrible, terrible headlines.

    I like how Elisha Cuthbert seemed entirely too confused about the situation. She was not, however, confused about her BOOTS JESUS CHRIST.

  10. The revolution will be quickstepped.

  11. OH I have an idea for that thing that replaced the double dog. what was that again TIT4U? or whatever, this would be a videogum pizza/jay leno party. First day Jay is back we need to set up a team of Vgummer’s to go to the show and make a ruckus, or maybe just a big boo at the beginning of the show and walk out because no one can stand sitting through a whole episode.

    • I think that’d violate Videogum Everywhere’s credo, however. The over-arching goal of Videogum Everywhere is to bring joy into people’s lives by LEAVING THEM ALONE. None of our “missions” will ever interfere with anyone in their day-to-day lives, or create any kind of nuisance. We play by the rules in order to remind people that the magic of not being annoyed or bothered by anyone when you’re just trying to get through your fucking day is all around us.

  12. Don’t discount Vaudeville so hastily.
    “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles and custard pies to the face.” – Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

  13. I blame the whole mess on Andy Richter. He’s making a run for Ted McGinley’s Jump the Shark position of power.

  14. When Hitler said he was excited to see Andy, I was really sad for him! I’m going to need everyone’s support when that Oliver Stone documentary comes out.

  15. OK monsters lets poll.gum and make sure Conan wins, Leno is in the lead by 1%.,,20336393,00.html

    • Mentality of people who read People = jay leno fan base.

      We?re gonna lose that one, but they are not the be all end all of entertainment (glorified gossip rag) so fuck People.

  16. Seriously, Hitler is right. What kind of magic power does Jay Leno hold that has led NBC to twice screw over talented ginger men for the least funny man on TV? Way to go, NBC. I officially will now watch zero shows on your network.

    • I just woke up in a cold sweat and realized I forgot about Thursday night shows. But doesn’t it speak volumes that I forgot to associate four entire shows that I enjoy very muchly with the network that shall not be named? I remembered the shows, but not that they were on N**.

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