Here is the first trailer for Episodes, a new Showtime show in which Matt LeBlanc plays himself. It looks pretty great. But at a certain point, the ouroboros of modern “meta” narratives is going to get full of itself.

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  1. wow. i do not remember Matt looking handsome…ever. Ugh. Do I have a silverback fetish? …well, men do age well.

  2. Phew, I’m sure that Mr. LeBlanc is happy to have narrowly avoided not existing for the rest of time.

  3. We’ll know he’ll be good at this since he played an actor so well on Friends and in Charlie’s Angels

  4. Joey said “fuck”.

    • Yeah that was weird. Almost as weird as when Emmet (aka Buster Bluth) said pussy on Chuck the other day without getting bleeped. We live in strange times.

  5. I’m excited about this.

  6. I’m sure I’ll be checking this out On Demand once 4 or 5 of them get posted and I’m laying on my couch all day avoiding having to do something responsible.

  7. I actually have a bit part as an internet commenter who’s not in the show.

  8. I wonder what Banandler Chong will have to say about this.

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