Look, as one website has already pointed out, this whole thing is basically in-fighting among millionaires, and it’s not like any of us are confused about the fact that there are real things going on in the world as we speak (if anyone knows what I am talking about, it is these guys). But it’s either this or talking about Channing Tatum’s DICK, which I refuse to do. I’m a human being after all, and I have self-worth.

Download your Conan hair here. (Thanks for the tip, @kerrycoolface.)

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  1. You should seriously consider that look.

  2. Gabe… do you want me to send you a poster or something? I think an Iron Maiden wall hanging would really brighten up the decor.

  3. Did you open the intern closet door for that picture to show your humanity?

  4. When did this turn into Sexygum?

  5. SWEET. My shitty photoshopping is spreading across the world, one blog at a time. Actually, only one blog. This one. Mission accomplished!

  6. My avatar was BORN for this day. Rex Manning comes ready-made with CocoHair pre-installed.


  8. My photoshop skills leave much to be desired, but TEAM CONAN!

  9. I can really feel your enthusiasm, Gabe.

  10. Done and DONE.

  11. I made a Twibbon-thingy of this so you can add it to your twitter icon: http://twibbon.com/join/Support-Conan

  12. As a 74 year old disgruntled with technojiggery and Photoshopper, I humbly request somebody take my avatar and add Conan’s hair to it.
    Just because robots don’t have feelings, doesn’t mean they don’t hate Jay Leno and blinkered millionaire network execs (it does mean that they don’t hate Jay Leno and blinkered millionaire network execs).
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Perfect? Perfect. They call me Master MSPaint. Gooooooo Conan!

  14. “Your time management skills improve everyday. Today is no exception.” – My boss.

  15. Does Nic At Nite play Carson Re Runs?

  16. N: Not
    B: Being
    C: Cool!

  17. Should we make little orange bracelets that say COCOSTRONG on them and sell them for $1?

    No, probably not.

  18. On that note, does anyone wanna go tea-bag NBC with me? I was just remembering the 30 Rock episode my avatar is from. It makes me want to whip out my tea-bagging equipment right here in my office (


    and markers)!

  19. Photobucket

    I was trying to match Gabe’s enthusiasm.

  20. That epic letter stirred enough emotion in me to photoshop the hair badly on a picture of myself for an avatar on a website I occasionally comment at. All in order support of the ginger millionaire in this millionaire fight. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!!!!


  21. Gabe is that your “office”? You need like, a picture on the wall, or something…

    • I mean, get a plant or something. I think I have a 2009 Hot Priest calendar my co-worker left me when he quit. I can send it to you. Just remember that the dates are off by one day. Or maybe some Dilbert.

  22. gabe works in “the room”? which part do you stick your head in, the printer, or the closet?

  23. Everybody wants sommmmeeeeeee…..
    I want some tooooooooo!

  24. Joan will continue to have beautiful red hair in support of The Cone Bone.

  25. Lil wig for a lil guy

  26. Whether it’s the relative safety of Netflix or the comfort of an innocent protest photo, Gabe can’t escape Kevin Corrigan anywhere but at least Kev supports Conan.

  27. I think we’re all forgetting the real victim here, Andy Richter. So in the interest of solidarity, here is my dollface AVATAR with his trademarks:

  28. If I was good at photoshop I’d make Channing Tatum’s dick with CoCo hair (Best of both worlds).

  29. I have changed my avatar for the occaision.

  30. I think baby Eliot Spitzer looks pretty dashing with his Coco hair. He still has a sad-muppet face but that is part of his charm.

  31. luvin’ your fax machine!

  32. This is such a whole to do thing. Isn’t there a facebook I can endorse somewhere? Cmon everyone lets make a difference.

  33. Obviously, Woody Allen is Team Conan.

  34. Nightman looks better than ever!

  35. the lenoheads are strapping fake chins to their faces in solidarity. they’re doing it IRL though because they are too old to use the internet.

  36. And now my ipod stereo can get into the act

  37. Perhaps this is more current?

    (Last one, I promise)

  38. NBC’s new prime time drama:

    (Maybe if everyone closes their eyes he won’t really be there)

  39. i know i’m hours late to the party (i am always hours late to the party :( ) but this is my current facebook picture complete with poorly photoshopped hair

    i am determined to make this a “thing” (this will probably fail…none of my friends are as daring as i)

  40. oh and it’s very big! i am so sorry for my very big face!


  42. I recently dyed my hair red for unrelated reasons, can I just say it’s for Conan solidarity?

  43. Bill Nye supports Conan.


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