And the old global spokesman for Peeing Your Pants. A celebrity gossip blog has photos of Mr. Jackman (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, frequent urinator) on the set of a Lipton Iced Tea Commercial. It is hard to tell from the photos whether or not his pants are actually soaked with urine, or if they are clean, dry pants, into which Hugh Jackman has just now changed after dampening the crotch and legs of another pair of pants with pee. While there is no official word yet as to what the new slogan for Lipton Iced Tea will be for the Hugh Jackman campaign, I suspect that it will be “Decide To Let The Tea Takeover.” Other possible slogans include:

  • I Drank Too Much Tea, And Now My Pants Are Soaking Wet
  • Lipton Iced Tea Gives My Body The Electrolytes It Needs To Pee My Pants
  • I Ice Tea’d My Pants

Hugh Jackman is currently working on Happy Feet 2: The Pee Pee Dance. (Via ONTD.)

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  1. Lipton’s selling Sun Tea now?

  2. Tea — > Me Pee, See? Tee hee.

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  4. Lipton Iced Tea: It Tastes as good as I am at acting.

  5. “I’m the best there is at what I do. And what I do is convert delicious Lipton Iced Tea into urine then I convert that urine into urine that soaks my pants.”

  6. Hugh Jackman seems like a nice guy and lord knows, I’ve pissed myself…recently! So I’m willing to give this “Lipton” a try.

  7. Aw, poor Hugh Jackman! I mean, I know nothing about him, other than a) he plays an okay Wolverine, b) Dr. Cox can’t stand him, and c) he peed himself. But out of all the possible self-urination scenarios, his was one of the most noble! If I had to pee in the middle of the performance, I’d have been like “fuck it, ya’ll can come back tomorrow.”

  8. I still can’t get my head around the fact that Lipton didn’t choose James Lipton or Mr. T

  9. peeeee-licious!

  10. Don’t let class be an im-pee-diment to enjoying new Lipton’s Iced Tea!

  11. I’m hoping part of the endorsment requires him to wear a Lipton patch on his red carpet tuxedo right next to the pee stain that started out as a glass of tea.

  12. “Lipton is the iced tea that makes me pee pee in my panties.” – Hugh Jackman, professional soft drink spokesman.

  13. is he contractually obligated to tan himself to the color of iced tea?

    and doesn’t he look like ryan secrest in that photo?

  14. “Lipton Tea, it tastes and smells like piss so I cut out the middle man and just pour it directly into my pants” – Hugh Jackman, 2010

  15. You know, Gabe, you don’t put Fergie through these pee-humiliations! Sexism?

  16. “The pee-up gonna be this afternoon, yo.” – Stringer Bell (as a child)

  17. In my imagination, I imagine (redundant!) Fergie and Hugh fall in love and get married and make babies. And those babies have no bladder control problems because recessive genes.

  18. “I’m not a real Wolverine, but I play one on movies. One thing we would both agree on though: Lipton makes for one hell of a pee, bub.” – Hugh Jackman, Tea Spokesperson

  19. I peed in my pants (a little) reading this post. So appropriate!

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