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  1. “It would be a very different counterweight to what they’re learning,” Stone said. “Nobody is going to force it down anybody’s throat.” Says the guy who made the Colin Farrell/Jared Leto debacle that did nothing but force 3 hours of a narrator shoving boring history down our throats. Fool me once shame on you. Convince me to watch your bullshit Showtime mini-series where you try to get me to rethink mass murderers…

  2. Now I’m confused: are the libruls trying to make us empathize with Hitler the same as the Jews who control Hollywood? Help me out here, Glenn Beck!

  3. Given Stone’s track record for historical accuracy, I believe that ‘walking a mile in his shoes’ means that he grew a mustache and bought a Mercedes convertible.

  4. You know, I never though about it like that before Oliver Stone. Poor Hitler.

  5. new use of Godwin’s:
    You know how Conan got screwed over by Jay Leno and the network? Its just like how Hitler was screwed over by history and his actions!

  6. “People in America don’t know the connection between World War I and World War II”

    um… actually, i do! sometimes kids listen in history class. fuck you, stone.

    • I know, right? That’s the first thing they teach you about WWII in like 9th grade. Congratulations, Oliver Stone, you’re as educated as a 14 year old.

  7. That is also why I hate Rush Limbaugh! Because he always gets so bent out of shape every time someone tries to defend Hitler. It’s like, GROW UP, RUSH LIMBAUGH.

  8. I suppose I’m worried about flashy inaccuracies for the sake of ratings? But I mean, Stone’s not going paint Hitler as some rose-colored bunny, right? (HILARIOUS idea btw)
        Exploring what led up to WWII, the role of the US in unsavory history, that can’t be a bad thing. WHAT? The U.S isn?t perfect and blameless?? You must hate America!
        and just because you know History doesn’t mean you can’t learn more. Knowledge = power and what have you?And talking about the situations which gave rise to a leader like Hitler won’t make you fall in love with him. You can pity the ‘bad guy.’ Seeing a Monster as a Man is a good thing. He wasn?t pure evil distilled in man form? SHADES OF GREY? *GASP* It means Hitler wasn?t an anomaly. Too many people think ?villains? and ?evil? can be defeated and never show up again. Feel free to replace Hitler with Stalin, Mao, McCarthy?Limbaugh.
       That said Oliver Stone is pretty much a crazy person who says crazy things; however, it doesn?t mean his miniseries isn?t going to be interesting or thought provoking. Oh shit. Am I still talking? Well, i hope it made some sort of sense. Glug.

  9. no no no. you guys are not taking his words “in context”. which is why i am making a film which promises to put his words “in context” and then there will be an article which mentions too many times how my film promises to put his quotes “in context”

  10. “You cannot approach history unless you have empathy for the person you may hate,” Stone said
    Um, actually, you can. Understanding the social, political, economic, and whatever other causes behind someone’s horrible, reprehensible actions ? empathy
    Also, do people REALLY hate historical figures? Like, even my Holocaust survivor grandmother claims she doesn’t hate Hitler (although she will call him all sorts of bad words in Polish), because he’s dead and that’s really not worth her time. Why not put our energy into hating people who are fucking things up in the here and now, like Sarah Palin?

  11. I wonder where Stone got his hands on a pair of Hitler’s pumps…

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