I am positive that A.O. Scott’s takedown of Leap Year is more entertaining than Leap Year. Also, thanks for the heads up, Katilin Olson!

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  1. I need A Link!!!

  2. If Topher Grace had played Declan this wouldn’t be an issue

  3. Glad they shortened the title from French Kiss But Irish This Time and No Distracting Diamond Thief Sub-plot.

  4. Sorry guys! I have been forgetting to actually put the links into the quicklinks posts a lot lately. YOU CANNOT FIRE ME, BECAUSE YOU CANNOT FIRE SOMEONE WHO QUITS.

  5. So Leap Year is not going to be the Movie Club movie for ths week? damn. can you return tickets on fandango?

  6. A.O. Scott > Manohla Dargis. Movie criticism nerd throw down. I will take all comers. And, yeah, I get it that she also said that.

  7. BUT… they’re a mismatched couple who learn to love each other despite their glaring differences! Hollywood’s never done that movie before!

    And, I may be going out on a limb here, but I think she JUST might leave her boyfriend for that Declan fellow. He’s so roguish.

  8. As an actress who can effortlessly portray freshness, innocence, and goodness without making me want to shout at my shoes, Amy Adams can do no wrong. She CAN do bad, however.

  9. I DOUBT I’ll ever see this film.
    It seems to me like it has Cruel Intentions 2 for Ms. Adams, who comes off as the boring-est of romcom Underdogs.
    And it’s so cookie-cutter, I could complain about it all Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

  10. Ladies be proposin’.

  11. Why, oh why can’t Hollywood just show Amy Adams modelling her new clothes onscreen while occasionally flashing her eyes at the camera for an hour and forty minutes instead of constructing these silly “movies” around her?

    (in David Brent voice) Oh! Sexist.

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