I don’t even know who Al Kaprielian is, but I already miss him! It’s like they always say, you don’t know what you have until someone edits together a hilarious montage about it being gone. Whoever put together the tribute did a pretty good job, but I don’t like how they soft-pasted Al’s photo over a bunch of clouds at the end. We all know how visual metaphors work, Doctor. AL KAPRIELIAN IS NOT DEAD (I don’t think?), SO SHOW SOME RESPECT.

In any case, this is not goodbye. I am sure that we will all be following Al on Saturday mornings at WCAP 980 AM. I am sure of it. (Thanks for the tip, Maura.)

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  1. It’s like he WANTS to be a Fred Armisen character.

  2. AH! I GREW UP WITH THIS! he’s amazing. and real. which, in itself, is amazing.

  3. This is pretty much the greatest guy ever.

  4. I made the terrible mistake of taking a sip of water right before the shot of this amazing person in amazingly high-waisted shorts. Al Kaprielian owes me a new keyboard.

  5. Eli Roth + Bill Nye = Al Kaprielian

  6. I get the terrible feeling that Al put that tribute together himself and then couldn’t get anyone to introduce it for him, but I hope he lands on his feet. Godspeed, Al!

  7. Sooo… Al Kraprielian had to make and introduce his own goodbye tribute? This guy is great, get it together other news anchor people!

  8. OH NO!
    I have watched his genius each and every time I am in new england, and my vacations will never be the same without him…

  9. That’s what I was thinking!
    Poor Al. That guy needs a proper tribute.

  10. I WILL HIRE HIM! I’d love to have him just come over to my apartment every morning and tell me the weather. How much does a suburban Massachusetts meteorologist make these days? $25k? No problem.

  11. Given that his weather forecasts appear to have consisted of a series of baffling dances, dangerous arm swinging and screeching sound effects that bear little relation to the conditions he is trying to describe, how on earth is all that going to work on radio? One suspects that WCAP 980 AM are going to be ending their news with a “… and now Al Kaprielian, whoever that is, doing whatever it is he does. Over to you, Al…” at which point all you can her is a *kablooeyswatsit* or a *splatangoingtwassik*.

  12. In relation to the recent “How’s Our Driving” post, I propose that Videogum hires Al Kaprielian to cover the weather for us. An added bonus would be that he seems like a guy who would be up for some absolutely wild Double Dog’s.

  13. It’s encouraging to see that one of the kids from “How’s Your News?” made it onto a “real” TV station.

  14. I’ve been watching Al Kaprielian for years and I couldn’t believe he wasn’t an Internet senstion! Now that I don’t live in Boston anymore, I’m glad there’s a place to see Al’s shining face.

  15. Growing up, my brother and I weren’t very close. Really, there were about three things we ever enjoyed together: the Little Rascals movie, The Simpsons, and Al Kaprielian squealing “high pressure!”

    Ok, fine, and Tom Green’s bum bum song. The point is, I love you, Al Kaprielian.

  16. this part i took note of…. “im not going to, again, just eliminate all of you after 26 years”…. he seemed like such a nice guy, until he casually mentions the possibility of eliminating all of us because he lost his job

  17. Two things: I think this guy has Aspergergers syndrome. Not a good guy to fire, WZMY.
    Also, don’t you think this is a good time to send up the VideogumEverywhere signal? there’s a facebook group ( http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=233933080615 ) and here is the station’s contact info:
    11 A Street
    Derry, NH 03038
    Phone # 603-845-1000

  18. Al, thank you for not “eliminating” me after 26 years. Your mercy knows no limits. Also, I can tell that you are in fact “easy to work with with anyone.” I hope some one has to hire you to. Godspeed.

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  20. They can’t fire Al Kaprielian! Everyone’s dad (my dad) loves Al Kaprielian!

    Plus don’t they (whoever they are) know how painfully unfunny Massachusetts weather is? And this guy makes it funny. And we love him, and my heart is filled with rage now. I’m so cold.

  21. Just as well, Al. We all know that the job was such HIGH PRESSURE on you.

  22. Wow, what a cool dude!! Not cold!

  23. This man is the Jerry Lewis of meteorologists. I hope some TV station in France hires him, apparently he’s easy to work with.

  24. Let’s face it, weathermen are big ol’ nerds. It’s so awesome to see a guy embrace it and go full on geeko. Love love love this guy! Someone put him on the air again. They should make everyone in weatherman school watch his highlights. Then asign them to find their own inner weirdo and let him or her out! Viva La Dork!

  25. I’m guessing getting fired turns into the greatest thing to ever happen to Al’s career. He’ll be co-hosting Tosh 2.0 in no time.

  26. Well now I know where the inspiration for Zoidberg came from.

  27. You guys, we should make a lemonade stand (on the internet) and then hire this guy to do Videogum weather every day!

  28. I think you’re allowed to soft-paste someone’s photo over clouds if they’re a meteorologist…like, you’re allowed put a picture of a guy in a graveyard if he’s a retiring undertaker.

  29. “It’s gonna get hot*”

    *sad without you :(

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