This is a useful guide to the city for people who love great comedians (David Cross, Kumail Nanjiani, Brett Gelman, Dave Hill, @julieklausner) but hate good ideas. Tourists, do not listen to these guys!

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  1. Ahem… I think there’s a link thingie missing from this almost-certainly laugh-inducing post.

  2. Dave Hill= someone I need explained to me, always.

    • Weird. This gif is my mother-in-law, but younger, but not really, but dang. That’s exactly how she still dresses. And her hair is cropped like that. Different color. FYI.

  3. uh i sincerely agree with the insincere suggestion that dunkin donuts is a place to go. i am from the midwest and i recently moved back here from the east coast and you don’t know what you got til it’s gone. dunkin donuts is easily #4 on my list next time i’m in ny.

  4. Sbarro was my place, now all these tourists will be there and I won’t be able to get a seat or pizza

  5. Niketown was great until the bridge-and-tunnel crowd got wind of it.

  6. Does it mean that I’m getting old because I wanted to smack everyone in this video?

  7. Paul Dinellooooooo!! Where is that man nowadays?

  8. Kumail Nanjiani is so adorable and hilarious. I want to pinch his cheeks. The upper ones.

  9. aw me too! and dave hill too (i love them both so much!)

  10. whuut, i’m sorry i swear i hit ‘in reply to becca’ there (and did not preview)! oh well.

    Also: when i first glanced at this post without really concentrating on what it was telling me, i jumped to the conclusion that i would be clicking on like an ohmyrockness-style website for comedy. Like, so that if i wanted to see where i could catch like John Mulaney or Wyatt Cenac or whoever doing standup, or see who was at Big Terrific this week, i could do it all in one convenient location. i liked this video, TBS very funny, but why don’t we have a website like that yet???

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