I’m worried about Weezy, you guys. Have you seen The Carter yet? If you haven’t seen The Carter yet, you should see The Carter. It is a really great documentary. But it is also a really :( documentary. Like, dude is going to die. I hope that he doesn’t! But this is not about what I want, it never was. There’s a part in The Carter near the end where (SPOILER ALERT) after an hour of watching Wayne drink prescription grade codeine mixed with Jones Soda (dude’s a millionaire) where he says that he never tried heroin because his body is too small. Uh. If there are two things that Lil Wayne clearly understand they are biochemistry and his own limits. Anyway, my main concern for him right now is just that he survives through September. Because this is a very dangerous year for him. The door to the 27 Club is wide open for the next 8 months. He is definitely on the guest list.

Speaking of the 27 Club, the opening scene in Wane’s new video for “On Fire” is basically a scene from Gus Van Sant’s Last Days, right?

Right. Please stop drinking codeine so that you don’t die, Lil Wayne! Or at the very least, please stop drinking codeine so that you don’t think rap-rock records are a good idea!

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  1. <-- Not a member of the 27 club.

  2. I’m not a member of the 27 club. (Or the Ten club.)

  3. Obviously he’s just trying to make a Flaming Moe…

  4. It’s so cute that he thinks he can play the guitar. awww

  5. There seems to be a problem with the audio. When it starts, all I hear is a Duran Duran single.

  6. This is Lil’ Wayne’s version of Flashdance, right? The Last Days thing is just a coincidence, right?

  7. I would have watched the video, but I was too offended by the opening racist DiGiorno ad in which the black people appease the white people with pizza.
    (In my culture, the white-people-love-pizza stereotype is extremely offensive.)

  8. I vote that he li-li-li-li-licks the lollipop of life!

  9. I think the real answer is we all aren’t drinking enough codeine to understand Wayne’s genius. I’d take steps to rectify the situation, but there isn’t enough codeine in the world. Cause Wayne’s hogging 97% of it.

  10. Please stop drinking codeine out of goblets from angels! (SHE’S NOT EVEN A REAL ANGEL YO!)

    Also, who is Weezy’s band? I don’t think the drummer is actually playing those beats…

  11. Have you ever had liquid codeine?
    “I’m going to die at 27, you say? … Eh, I can deal with that. I had a good run.”
    -Me on liquid codeine.

    • I downvoted you because DRUGS ARE BAD.

    • I have had liquid codeine
      “I’m going to die at 27 you say. . . as long as I’m this comfortable. . .you guys, I am soooo comfy right now”
      the fact that weezy can rap after drinking it mixed with vodka/soda/a jolly rancher is clearly proof that the man is some sort of genius. . . maybe

  12. I don’t hope Lil’ Wayne dies either. But. If he keeps making songs like this, then maybe he should drink enough sizzurp to make sure he can’t make it to the studio is all I’m sayin.

  13. As of February, Weezy will most likely be spending the next year in prison for gun charges. And if there’s anything The Wire taught me, it’s that people die ALL THE TIME in prison.

  14. He’s got like, 20 kids to support. I hope he doesn’t die based on that alone.

  15. Um, @JoeMande, I think we have a Take One for the Team for you! Sodeine* cocktail hour.
    *Soda + codeine.

  16. What is wrong with dude’s teeth? Maybe I should already know? Maybe I am not supposed to say?

  17. Dude’s got a $100k grill and a $219.99 guitar.

    Oh, and knowing that Promethazine is the other medicine in his syrup makes about 15 lines on Drought 3 make a ton more sense.

  18. Is he sampling the fame theme tune? No homo.

  19. Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morisson, Lil Wayne.

    Yep, fits right in.

    • Yeah, that’s my feeling, I just don’t see this dude’s “genius”. And while I don’t wish death on anyone, because gross, it wouldn’t bother me if this moron codiene-slurped himself to death, because anyone who does that all-day errry-day can’t be THAT genius, ya know?

  20. I don’t know about no “Last Days” but I’m pretty sure that music comes from a “Scarface” soundtrack B-side.

  21. Oh man, this song is like an amalgam of bad 80′s synthpop and Auto-Tune.
    I hope this isn’t a clue that the 10′s will be the 80′s of the 21st century.

  22. “I’m the emblem of a warrior. I’m the swagger of an athlete, a champion and dynasty. I’m gifted, golden, genuine and glorious. I am a lowercase god. I’m the GOAT, the greatest of all time. I’m the heart, hustle and soul of the game.” – Lil Wayne

    You are right Gabe, this is not about what we want. We CAN’T let him die, or the game is lost. He is some idiot savant Princess and we, as ungrateful Sebastians, must keep this is Story alive that should NeverEnd.

  23. So you’re saying I should hold off on buying those Lil Wayne featuring Artie Lange summer concert tickets?

  24. Jup. No ‘Fame’. It’s ‘She’s on Fire’ from the Scarface OST. Scarface + Rap-rock = 2010?

  25. It was also in the smash hit video game Grand Theft Auto Turismo:III for the Playstation released in 2001.

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